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Have you ever asked yourself: “How to increase my Twitter followers?” Look no further and smile because you have read the right source. You see, increasing your followers is not that complicated; it is only complicated if you have made it complicated. There is always a system in increasing your followers and if you will know it then you can easily get an increase in followers.

Take Advantage of The Peak Times

We people, are very moody. Moody in a way that there are natural cycles in which we act with: we go hungry at specific times, so we eat; we go sleepy at specific times, so we sleep. Listen, if you go against these natural cycles, it is also natural that you will end up frustrated and all your efforts will amount to nothing. What am I talking about? I am talking about times where people are inclined to do a specific activity on a given time:

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In the same way, only a minimum number of people or even none will notice if you Tweet on early mornings since most people are asleep. That is the reason why you must always remember the holidays, the events and the times of the day in order to raise the quality and timing of your Tweets.

Tweeting Before Working Hours

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There are a lot of activities going on before you go to work. The first activity is when you wake up and a lot of people probably wake up at the same time you wake up so naturally they grab for their mobiles or check their laptops. That’s probably a good time to tweet. Another is when you eat your breakfast, which will be a good time to tell people what you are enjoying – a great way to answer your question of: “How to increase my Twitter followers?”

Traffic? Tweet It!

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You never know it but there are actually a lot of people surfing the net or holding their phones when they are going to work (assuming they are not the driver). In an attempt to kill boredom and of course, gain followers, tweet about the traffic and put interesting things on what you can observe – people generally just stare at their phones since there is nothing else good to stare at.

Morning to Afternoon Tweeting Peak Hours

A lot of data show that starting at around 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM is the time where the most Tweets occur. What does that mean? It means you got to reserve your good Tweets on that time because many people are also Tweeting at those times. Be engaging and interactive because if you Tweets fail in quality, it will generally result in failed attempts and Tweeters will generally stay away from you – a bit risky move but has a very high reward.

The Ultimate Peak Hour

Guess what hour of the day most people Tweet in? If you have guessed 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM then you are correct. Taking advantage of this will definitely work to your advantage especially if you have interesting Tweets that are worthy of reading. Use up your best lines in this time.

Be The Helpful Man That You Aren’t

Got any people you know who has a solid number of followers? I’m not talking about a few friends but a person who is well respected and genuinely liked. If there is one, it is time to put on your “friendly neighbor” mask on. Help him out at work, talk to him about his interests, make him your new best friend then pull out the knock out question: “Hey, do you have Twitter?”

Choose Those Who Like What You Like

If you like football then you like talking about football; if you like cooking then you like talking about cooking – that’s normal. The thing is, it isn’t that hard when you talk about stuff that are in your area of interest which makes following the people who like what you like will feel more genuine. Let’s face it, it’s hard to fake it, which is why it is wise if you do this – you’ll enjoy the conversations too!

Advertise Your Tweets

Who says you can’t market the Tweets that you make? Post it in your wall, tell people about it and include it in your signatures when you post stuff or send messages. Practically make people see it and out of curiosity they will click it or follow it. An effective way if you constantly ask yourself: “How to increase my Twitter followers?”

Make Use Of The Hash Tags


The hash tags look like this: #example (you basically put what it is about). Hash tags are your clue on what it is about especially when you Tweet informative stuff. You see, when you put in a hash tag on a particular topic or subject then people who are also interested about that will likely read it. If you have carefully picked followers that like what you like then you must definitely utilize this in order to become more interesting and informative.

Interaction Is Key

When you Tweet, always keep in mind that the purpose of Tweeter is for people to communicate and not for people to gather as much followers as possible. Also, always remember that your followers are people and in order for them to stay, talk with them. It’s actually pretty simple – start interesting conversations with them. If you do this, you will definitely tell yourself: “this is one of the most overlooked but basic ways of how to increase my Twitter followers”.


If you have asked yourself: “How to increase my Twitter followers?” then this is the best guide you will find on the net that answers all your questions. Gaining many followers is never a one-step process but a mixture of multiple processes done properly and effectively. The key here is actually consistency in Tweets and optimum quality. If you have done it properly then you can say to yourself that “this is how to increase my Twitter followers.”