Are you trying to increase your page rank?  It's common sense that posting on other websites that allow you to link to your page will help bring an audience.  But if you post your links on certain sites, you get the added benefit of improving your page rank (making it appear higher on the list of sites people will see when they use Google and other search engines).  Do you want to learn how to find out if a website gives do follow links?  It’s important to know if links are no follow or do follow, to help with your Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.  For those of us who write online and spend valuable time with social networking, it’s important to focus on websites that use do follow links, to help get your content to rank higher in search engines, which will help get your content noticed by people who are searching for it.  So if you want to find out if a site’s links are no follow, read on.

How to Increase Page Rank by Finding Do Follow Links(68741)Credit: Amberdawn 2011View the website using the Firefox browser.  Other web browsers will enable you to view HTML code of pages too, and thus look up whether or not the website in question has do follow links.  However, since the menus of all browsers are different, for the sake of this tutorial I’ll be using Firefox. 



How to Increase Page Rank by Finding Do Follow LinksCredit: Amberdawn 2011Click "view" at the toolbar up top, and then "page info."  This will cause a separate window to open.  This window contains all the HTML code of the web page you are viewing.  Somewhere in this long page of (to some of us) gibberish, it will tell you if the links are no follow or do follow.  The next step will help you find it quickly.



How to Increase Page Rank by Finding Do Follow Links(68740)Credit: Amberdawn 2011Click "edit" and then "find." Just like the function in Microsoft Word that allows you to find a word or phrase in a document, you can type in "nofollow" and instantly be brought to where in the document the word is located.  If “nofollow” turns up, then the links are no follow links.  Of course, if this happens, you are probably better off choosing a different website to focus your energies on.  There are plenty of social networking websites that don’t use the no follow tags, so post links to your online content on these instead, and you’ll find you’ll do better in the search engines.  And that’s how you can easily find out if a website gives no follow links.  Good luck!