If you're well-prepared and ready to show your selected quality products for the upcoming craft show then you have no problems in selling them. Quality crafts are profitable during craft shows and they can easily increase your profits by providing much information about them. Below are some tips when selling these quality crafts to help increase your profits during craft shows.



things you'll need:

  • Display table
  • Craft Items to sell
  • "SOLD" and "ITEMS FOR SALE" signs
  • Notes and pen or your laptop
  • Patience and creativity
    • 1

      Do not lower your prices too much. Don't think that if you lower your prices dramatically your products will sell better because it may not and you may end up losing your profits at the end of the craft show. If you know that you had created unique and quality products that people will buy then sell them with confidence by pricing them correctly and gain higher profits. 

      Avoid being pessimistic that your craft items won't be selling if you will not lower their prices because it can affect your mood during the craft show and customers may easily sense it. Be happy and positive that you can increase your profits when selling your quality crafts.

    • 2

      Build an online shop, blog or website to show your quality crafts because this can increase your profits before or after the show.

    • 3

      Use social networks to advertise your unique and quality crafts. This can help also increase your profits during craft shows.

    • 4

      Have a detailed list of what product items are in-demand and selling so fast in order for you to display those quality crafts in future shows and therefore increase more profits. You can also keep a list of customers who are interested in your craft works during the show. 

      Be ready with your pen and notes or bring your mini laptop if you have one so that you can save the names of those customers. Provide a customer address book on your table so that they can easily sign up with their email addresses listed too. When you'll have another craft show in the future then you can easily refer to this list to notify them for the upcoming show.

    • 5

      Be friendly, talk and listen to your customers. Even these customers didn't buy your quality crafts, they are still potential customers in the future craft shows.

    • 6

      Be very knowledgeable about your craft products so that you can have a sales pitch. Selling is not easy so be prepared to describe your crafts well. Think about the words that best describes each of your quality craft items so that you can practice in advance before the show comes. Find exact words that create an artistic appeal in the customer's mind.

    • 7

      Place a "SOLD" sign in an empty section. When your quality crafts are being bought, don't be too excited to immediately fill all the space with additional craft products. Customers will view this with a sense of urgency if they see that something they like had been sold already. This will increase your profits in the future because these customers who had seen the "SOLD" sign may likely buy earlier in the future of what you will be selling.

    • 8

      Check-out the location of the show in advance. Evaluate your options for a booth location within the show so that you can plan ahead of the things that you'll need to bring. Think about your potential customers if they will visit out this location. Consider parking issues and other related concerns so that customers at the show will find you.

    • 9

      Never display any craft product with defects. Customers who were able to buy defective craft products will tell about it to their friends and families and they will never buy again from you. If you want them to keep on returning, you need to examine carefully your craft items before placing them on display and this will also add to your confidence in selling those quality crafts during the entire show.

    • 10

      Make attractive posters to hang and business cards to readily hand out for your customers. Promoting your craft sales during the show can increase your profits. 

      The customers who can bring this business cards at home may show them to other family members or friends and these people may even come and buy your craft products. Offer only these business cards when a customer asks for one or when someone purchases one of your craft products.

    • 11

      Let your customers know that you have some craft items available for sale. Place a sign that says "ITEMS FOR SALE" because this is one way of attracting potential customers during craft shows and therefore increase your profits.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be sure to check with your State Department for the rates of sales tax in the places where you want to sell your crafts. Remember that it's your responsibility to report, collect, and pay any sales tax when you'll participate a craft show.

  • Properly comply with local policies and regulations when using plant and animal materials. If you take materials from nature, be sure to check the legality of what you are doing. Some places regulate the taking of things out from nature like local plants, wild flowers, stones or shells.

    There is also another way to increase your profits by simply selling your products at "Juried Shows". A juried show is based on a jury's decision and they are the ones who'll check and screen applications in order to approve quality products and vendors.

    Other vendors don't want to apply through juried shows since they have stiff and rigorous requirements on how your booth will be set up. They may also require you on what products you can only sell. Their booth fees and other expenses could also go higher that is why other vendors tend to choose the ones that are more affordable for them and they will not be limited to the kind of products that they will be able to sell.