If you are earning money with your site it is very important to increase traffic, if you double traffic, you double potential buyers / advertising revenue. I will show you very simple concepts which are easy to apply and very effective!

This guide is designed with websites in mind, but can easily be applied to revenue sharing articles or blogs with adsense on. Or best of all applied to all your online content.

Things You Will Need

-you will need some time to set aside, having friends that will help you will lower how much.
-time on the internet
-A site, blog or article which is worth increasing traffic on!

Step 1

Even though the most important thing with a website or article is content, it is useless without exposure. This is where SEO (or "Search engine optimization") comes in. Only use 'white hat SEO' as black hat will often do more damage than good:

make sure your content has the related keywords repeated enough times throughout your text. As this will increase traffic from Google and other search engines when people search for that subject, but don't over do it, and make sure your text flows normally. for example the keywords to this article are 'keywords', 'seo', 'traffic', etc.

One tool to help you figure out if you have the right frequency of keywords is: seo-tools

Step 2

To increase traffic it is worth baring in mind these methods when creating the site content:

The content must be original and good quality! - If you make lots of rubbish content, no one will be interested.
You won't get more money by having more content if its just thrown together! offer something that no one else is, or that you can offer at a better quality.

As the way to make your traffic increase is for people to find it interesting and link to it, which increases its page rank, which in turn increases traffic, no one recommends rubbish content. no one.

Step 3

After making a website or article that is worth peoples time you need to kick start the traffic, as with no exposure people won't find it in the first place, one good way to kick start traffic is link building:

Link building is getting links to your site on external sites, if you can get a link on an external site it increases your traffic in 2 ways; one is people may follow the links, but the most important is that it will increase you page rank.

Page rank is simply how good Google thinks your page is, it puts pages with higher page rank higher in the search results, its easy to see how this will help your traffic tremendously.

one way to get external links is on social bookmarking sites like: digg.com, Mixx.com, furl, reddit, stumbleupon.com. encourage your readers to recommend your site and add your site to them yourself.

another way is linking to your site on forums, but don't spam them! as that won't help.

and finally, find other sites with similar content and offer a link exchange, which will help you both, make sure they have a good page rank themselves otherwise it won't help much (check with this tool).
Good luck! It will be hard work, don't delude yourself, but in the end it will be worth it.

Tips & Warnings

- Don't over use keywords, it will lower your page rank and be worse than if you did nothing!
- Don't try black hat SEO, it is likely that your site will drop to the bottom of search results.