How to increase website traffic? is one of the most asked question in cyber world as all of us want our message to be read, heard and appreciated. Being a concern for me lately I decided to do some research and complete a pretty decent list regarded how to increase website traffic.

How To Increase Website Traffic - Your Main Goal

Here is a list of more than 15 way to draw visitors to your web content. It is overhelming at first but once you strat it become easier and it can be also fun. I wonder if my 7 steps blueprint on "How to Get More/Increase Website Traffic " will help you start.

- RSS feeds – an easy one time set and forget type of task. The name of the thread is "Using It Worth It?" in the forum where you will find more information related to this topic. And also a big list there of DoFollow RSS directories, Blog directories, and Article directories. (Please note that the last time I checked that list some of the sites were not working at all. So for your time sake – do not spend much on the broken ones.) If you're completely new to the topic - you may find "How To Submit Your RSS Feed To Feedage - InfoBarrel Article Specific Instructions" article useful.

- Bookmarking sites – both paid revenue sharing sites and non-paid (StumbleUpon – is a great place for traffic even it did not add by itself to your income)

- Video marketing – you can produce a short yet powerful video around a keyword related to your website/blog/article and upload it on several big video sharing sites

- Slide-show marketing (Works the same as the video marketing only that you will work with slide-shows instead of videos. You can find in the "PowerPoint Slide Show - 5 Websites to Find Free Templates and 10 Places Where You Can Upload and Share It Online" article some good places to start this one.)

- Directory submissions

- Article directories

- Networking by comments on other sites/blogs/forums – this works best either if you have a niche and start networking with the top 10 or more blogs/websites in your niche. Another approach is to leave comments on the top 10 blogs in Google search for each keyword you target . Another 2 great websites to consider are these:

>>> Amazon – so if you can add a personal review on one or more of the products there – especially to those related somehow to your website/blog/article it would be great.

>>> Yahoo Answers – If you manage to find a question related to your site/blog post/article and give a useful response with your link embedded than this one can be a huge help! Keep in mind when writing your answer that it could be chosen for the "Best Answer" in a topic easily if it is well written!

How To Increase Website Traffic - Some More Not so Popular Ways to Do It

- Email marketing – once you have a list you can add your link in the emails you send so that all your readers can see and read about what you want to promote (GetResponse is a great auto responder to work with – best part being that it is free for a list with less than 100 subscribers .)

- Software applications – both for computers as for smart phones, apple store apps – you offer small useful applications where you run banners advertising your website/blog (it works well for articles as well – but I am not very sure if it pays the effort)

- Offline marketing –Running Ads - if you're having a website/blog with an ugly, long name you may want to consider using a shorter version and definitely adding ads promoting it in some related printed newspapers (this has huge potential if done properly and at the same time greatly overlooked)

- Disseminate free short reports on various places on the web

- Create viral content no necessary related to your website – as a short video parody (or appraisal) regarding the last trend in fashion arena or another hot, trendy topic (Hanna Montana or last show of Oprah) in which you insert multiple time your banner/ads

- Create a viral site - Start creating a separate website with a continuously growing database of highly searched photos for blogs and websites – photos that can be download for free – if attribution is done properly- i.e. with a backlink on the image back to the site (You will find which exactly are the most requested – by going to a list of databases and looking for the most downloaded ones. This is the first step – the next one is to find and pay a graphic designer or a photographer to create/provide a similar one to you and add it to your growing image database. You can even organize some sort of contest for getting the best one from many – and finally adding them all on your database. Usually such type of site goes viral by itself pretty quickly and all the visitors that it will attract will see your big ad or banner on the site pointing to the site/blog you want to promote – as they will see also the logo of your desired promoted site on all those photos as well as a signature at the bottom.)

- Create a viral page on your site – offering on it some sort of highly used utility application online (a density checker for instance)

- PPC – on Google in a slightly different, efficient and cheaper manner than the usual way - using image ads (that clone text in fact) and put them only on content network instead of the Google search results pages

- Facebook – Besides the millions people hanging in Facebook - there is also a huge number of Facebook fan groups where you can submit pictures. So if you will take the time to create or find a really interesting or provocative picture related to the topic of your promoted url and submit it to a big FB group with the targeted url in your description than you can watch how it will increase your website traffic significantly.

Obvious this is an incomplete list – that can continue with a lot of paid methods of advertising for instance and probably more free ones. I plan to extend it as soon as I find a new way on how to increase website traffic.

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In closing of "How to Increase Website Traffic and Bring a Lot of New Visitors to Your Web Content on a Constant Basis" article I wonder if you will take a moment to share your questions, thoughts or ideas by commenting below.