With the economy the way it is many people are looking for ways to earn extra income. There are many ways to increase your income in today's economy. One of the keys is to find simple ways to increase earnings by working smarter not harder.

Think of all the side jobs you can do to earn extra cash and then think outside the box for ways to increase the potential earnings. For example if you babysit, instead of going to someone's home and babysitting one child for X amount of dollars, why not have people bring their children to you, charge X amount per child and make more money for the same amount of hours. (Be sure to check the laws for child care in your county).

If you are a writer, why not write articles and sell them in groups by type of article to many different users instead of selling the article just once to a content site.

For each job there are usually ways to squeeze more income out of it by looking for simple ways to increase potential revenue. Here are some things to consider.

1. Can you do more than one at the same time ie tutor two children instead of one?

2. Can you get the same type of job but get commissions or tips instead of a flat hourly wage?

3. Can you outsource work to others and then resell the service and add a fee to it?

4. Can you sell other people's products and make a nice commission?

5. Can you charge more for your service by adding something of value?

By thinking outside the box you can increase your income dramatically.