Increase the traffic to your site

There are several ways to increase the traffic to your site. You can use Search Engine Optimization methods to create well-written pages which are rewarded with good ranking by Google. You should pick some relevant keywords and optimize the text.

Another way to increase the traffic is backlinking. If you place links on sites with higher traffic then the visitors will follow the links to your site. You can also include links in your forum posts as a signature, etc. The only limit is that you should never spam with your link. You should submit your site to all major search engines to get it indexed and also it is good to include it in major internet link directories.

If you have some money to invest then you can buy Adwords adverts and increase the traffic by paid links on Google searches.

Last but not least quality content in your articles is a key factor when it comes to traffic. Your visitors are looking for high quality articles which satisfy their needs and interesting blog posts. You should take care of the length too because longer pages are getting indexed better but you should avoid writing lengthy and boring articles.

Subscribe to Adsense revenue share sites

You can subscribe to Adsense revenue share sites and increase your earning by writing and publishing on several sites. InfoBarrel is a good example for these sites, it allows you to earn money with both Google Adsense and Amazon Associates.

Other sites which are worth to try:

  • Webanswers: ask and answer questions for revenue share
  • Squidoo: create lenses for Adsense revenue
  • Seekyt: write articles for Adsense revenue
  • RateItAll: rate everything you want and get some money

Combine the two

You can combine the traffic generation with revenue increase if you use social bookmarking sites which offer Adsense revenue share. For example Best Reviewer is a good place to create backlinks for your InfoBarrel articles or your own blog and you can also get some money with Adsense at the same time. You can create top lists with link for every item and it has 100% Adsense revenue share.


There are several ways to increase you Google Adsense revenue but the best way is the apply all the techniques which I listed in this article. This way you will have more visitors and more money.