Knowing how to influence people can be a very useful tool. If you know how to influence people you can encourage positive behavior in all things. For someone who has attained financial success, knowing how to influence people means that you can encourage fiscal responsibility and overall financial success in a positive manner.


Many people argue about the differences between wealthy people and poor people. While there are many sides to this argument, the biggest difference you will find between those people who are unsuccessful and those people who are successful people is their mindset. For those who understand how to influence people, the ways in which they can give back to society and the economy are nearly endless.

Achieving Financial Success and Influence

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Once you develop a mindset for success and abundance, nothing will be able to stop you from achieving the success you deserve. There are endless finance books pertaining to the matter but the popular finance book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” perfectly outlines why it is nothing more than mindset which sets apart the middle and lower classes from the wealthy class. When it comes to poor people, or the lower class, they will always stay poor because they hardly ever have money to begin with. This means they cannot achieve good credit by racking up debt. The next class, the middle class, has enough income to earn them the credit required to rack up debt. However, they turn cash into trash because the debt they incur is bad debt. The middle class uses their credit to buy bad debt or liabilities such as new truck, boat, big screen television, or long vacation. They spend their money and go into debt in ways which will hurt them. They spend the rest of their lives chasing the next pay check in order to pay off this debt. Wealthy people, on the other hand, will only go into debt when it incurs good debt.

Financial Success

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It is important to know how to influence people in the right ways if you have something important to share, otherwise they will not listen. For example, you purchase a six unit apartment building and you owe 5% of the $360,000 on that building. This costs you approximately $1800 mortgage per month. However, once all mortgage and taxes, expenses, property management, etc. is paid then that property ends up costing you $3000 per month for mortgages. However, this property also brings in $3800 per month in rent which leaves you ahead $800 per month after all expenses are paid. This means your debt, or the 5% on the remaining balance, is making you money over time because the total income produced by the asset outweighs its inherent liability. Wealthy people will channel all of their income into assets which will generate more income. Channeling income into things which will not help or which hurt is what keeps people in the middle class or lower class. If middle class person with a car budget of $500 per month buys a $60,000 Corvette with $4,000 per month income, they will incur debt instead of being able to pay off their debt. They acquired something which will cost lots of money over time rather than make lots of money over time.



Knowing how to influence people means using your knowledge and success to better someone else’s knowledge and success, especially fiscally speaking. Delayed gratification is the simple process which divides wealthy from poor. Buying something that isn’t fun to own versus something that is fun to own is what separates the wealthy from the not.