"Backyard Baseball 2007" is a children's sports video game featuring Major League Baseball players in big-headed, cartoony fashion playing baseball in backyards, fields and on the street. Installing the PC version onto computers isn't like normal PC titles as most of the game is ran off the disc to allow children to easily play the game without having to be tech savvy. There are no tricks involved in getting it to work.

Things You Will Need

"Backyard Baseball 07" for the PC

Step 1

Open the disc tray. Place the disc inside the tray then close it.

Step 2

Click the install DirectX 9.0c button on the prompt that pops up. If a prompt does not come up, select "My Computer," then click the CD Rom drive and open BYBaseballLauncher.exe. Restart the computer.

Step 3

Download the patch located on the website. Create a new folder on the desktop called "Baseball07." In My Computer, right mouse click the CD Rom containing the "Backyard Baseball 07" disc and go to explore. Click edit at the top of the window and click select all. Drag these files to the new folder on the desktop. This may take several minutes to complete. Restart once it i finished.

Step 4

Press play on the prompt that may pop up once the computer loads. If it doesn't pop up, go to My Computer and double click on the CD Rom containing the disc. The prompt will now appear. Array

Tips & Warnings

*If the installation bar doesn't look like it is moving, don't panic. The bars are just a loose indication and have no real importance in installing the game.
*Don't open the disc tray while installing the game. It could harm the drive's laser and scratch the disc.