"I wanted to learn tabs of Jack Johnson's Flake." Mike, my friend said one day. He went online but found tabs on text files, which was not impressive. He wanted even more user friendly device, like voice recorder for a reporter, he could use to play guitar along. He searched for a software in the net instead.

When he googled with 'Free Guitar Software' keywords, there were thousands of search results, with links to free softwares to learn guitar. At the top of the page, he also clicked a software called 'Guitar Pro 6' and read the product review and wanted to download the software.

He downloaded the crack version of the guitar software, which had serial key, and instruction on how to install the software. The installation was fine until at the end, he got lots of errors.

Firs, set Network Address

If you are a administrator of the computer, then go to control panel. Click Network and Internet. Click Network and Sharing Center. In the left column, click on Change Adapter Setting' option. In the new window, you will see LAN settings. Choose your LAN connection, right click and select properties. Click Configure button, which will open a new window. At the top, select Advanced button. In the Network Address field apply '0024211EAA99' value.

Disable Access to the center of activation

Next, disable access to the center of activation Guitar Pro. Open the file C:WindowsSystem32driversetchost using a text editor and at the bottom add activation.guitar-pro.com

Install Guitar Pro 6          

Install the guitar pro 6. Select your preferred language, define the folder where you would like to install the program.

Install Soundbanks

If you haven't installed soundbanks, install it too. First, download the file, which is 1.7 GB in size.

The Cracks

a) First, copy the guitarpro.dat file in C:Users(you) AppDataRoamingGuitar Pro 6. Notice that AppData is a hidden folder. You have to make it visible by clicking on the show hidden files radio button in folder options.

b) Double click reg.reg file and replace with the existing one.

c) Copy the 'GuitarPro6 Executable File' into the folder C:/Program Files/GuitarPro6/

Finally, launch Guitar Pro 6 by double clicking the shortcut icon or go to start menu, and run Guitar Pro. Wow, congratulations, the software won’t ask you any serial key because you have cracked the software.