Install kitchen island cabinets and you instantly have additional working space and storage space. Isn't that convenient? The sections of cabinets allow a lot of space for kitchen utensils depending on how you organize your kitchen.

After buying kitchen island cabinets, start installing them as soon you can. Don't leave them lying around gathering dust. Make use of their purpose, and that is to make your kitchen life better.

First, locate the exact location where you want to install kitchen island cabinets. Place it on the spot and outline the base of the cabinets with a marker. Make sure you have sufficient space to move around the island. And also, that it doesn't block any passage way.

Then remove them and place them somewhere else for the meantime. You ought to make cleats to fasten the bottom of the cabinets so that the kitchen island would have something to be attached to.

The cleats are L shaped pieces that can have the dimensions of 2"x4". Place them at the opposite corners of the cabinets. Use the outline that you've drawn as a guide in making the L shapes.

You can now set it in place using wallboard screws. But if your floor is made of hardwood or masonry, I would advise you to drill pilot holes before attaching the cleats. You may now put the kitchen island cabinets on top of the cleats.

You better get some help with the lifting. Make sure the cabinets fit the outline perfectly. See to it that you have aligned them properly, and then hammer long nails through the cabinets and through the cleats attaching them together.

As much as possible, the long nails should strike the center of the cleats. Use at least two nails on each side that connects to the kitchen island cabinets. After hammering the nails in place, fill in the holes of the nail heads using wood putty.

You may use paint or stain to hide the patches. As much as possible, the color should be the same as the color of the kitchen island cabinets. But it will be barely paid attention to as long as the color would be neutral or close to the original color of the cabinets. And these are the basics on how to install kitchen island cabinets. Use these kitchen cabinets remodeling ideas and create your own custom cabinet finishes.

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