Sometimes people need to maximize any space they have at home so they can store things and organize clutter, if one doesn't have much space in the house, an attic is always a good idea. Most homes in the United States would have an attic and one of the few do-it-yourself things you can do is to install pull down stairs.

A space is still a space no matter how small. Pull down stairs are used access attics and lofts, it is very often used for smaller spaces. One simply pulls down the stairs or the ladder to enter the attic and pull it back up if one no longer wants to use it.

These are sold in kits and is commercially available and can be assembled and installed to the ceiling quickly and easily. One just needs the complete and right tools and a competent helper or assistant and you will have the pull down stairs installed.

The installation might take several hours and it may not be that easy. Pull down stairs should be placed where the stairs can be swung open and there should be adequate floor space at the bottom to allow safe access on and off the stairs.

These attic stairs can handle 250lbs-350lbs of weight for light and heavy use and are usually made of wood or aluminum, ceiling heights of 7-12 feet can be accommodated by the pull down stairs.

It is wise to measure the dimensions of the attic or space so you know what type of pull down attic stairs to buy. Before you begin, read the instructions manual thoroughly and make sure that the area is clear of wires and ductwork. And don't do stuff in a hurry, it always pays to take your time to ensure that everything is done right.

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