If you have old, outdated windows it is probably time to learn how to install replacement windows. Having new vinyl window will require little maintenance and will save you in energy costs. Installation takes less than an hour!

The very first step is to make sure that you have all of the measurements you need for the windrow openings. Take these from the inside of your home, and you should be fine.

Measure to the jambs on either side. When you go to buy the new window, use the narrowest measurement you found.

Don't forget to measure the top and bottom jambs as well. Proper measurement is the only way to ensure that you'll get a proper, snug fit.

The great news is that learning how to install replacement windows is made easier because the new ones can fit inside the frame of the old one. Just remove the inside stop, sashes, and parting bead and you should be good to go.

Put the stop pieces aside because you'll need those later. You do not need to remove the outside stop, however. Slide the sash out on both the inside and the outside.

Once you have all of the proper pieces removed, clean everything thoroughly. You should never install something new without cleaning the area first, of you'll trap dirt and grime for years.

Then, you are ready to put a dot of caulk on the outside stops and jambs. The next step is to install the sill angle.

Next, you center the sashes in the window frame. The bumper stops should be in the middle of the frame. The four mounting holes should be easily visible.

Then you put the header on top, caulk it, and screw it into place. Finally you can put the window into the opening.

Make sure everything is lever; you don't want to waste energy if there are any gaps. You can then screw the mounting screws at the top and bottom.

Slide your header into place so that there is a seamless fit between the old frame and the new window.

Slide the top and bottom sashes up and down. This will allow you to check that your new window is working smoothly. The last step is to caulk the inside of the window and put the stops back on

Once you learn how to install replacement windows you'll be thrilled with your new skill. There is nothing like a great new window to help you save in energy costs and the frustration that comes with dealing with the old models.

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