A common problem when expanding the family is the danger that kids may find themselves in when wandering around the house. Most parents get so worried about their kid falling from a high floor or down the stairs such that many of them would want to know how to install stair railings. In other cases, people worry that a worn out railings may cause hazards for all those who would be using them. Such concern could be eliminated just by following the DIY steps mentioned below.

Things You Will Need

Before rushing to the local hardware for the needed materials, one must understand several terms in order to understand how to install stair railings at a much better perspective. The vital parts of the staircase points to the spindles and the dowel pin and the newel post.

The spindles are the pillars set up for each step which is secured by the dowel pin. Meanwhile, at the end and corners of the staircase lies the thicker post called newel posts. Knowing how these parts work will enable one to discern what materials are needed to pry them off their places.

Usually, local hardware shops have stair rail installation kits available for purchase which contains the saw drilling machine, screws and all other handyman tools one might need for the installation.

Step 1

Afterwards comes the most difficult part in knowing how to install stair railings which is the removal of the original stair pieces starting from the railings. After unplugging these, remove the newel post and spindles down to their very nails to give way for the new stair railing set.

Installing the new parts starts from the bottom up using careful drilling accompanied with the use of contact glue. The newel post and railings are the last parts to be installed after the spindles are already in place.

Step 2

Finally, let the newly installed staircase railing dry for a few hours and prepare the finishing touches. Sanding the output could be an option if one would want a smoother feel to it and for the coating or stain to look better. Apply coating and enjoy results. This works very well for wood stair railings and other stair railing designs.

Tips & Warnings