When you are installing tile in kitchens or bathrooms you’ll run into problems when you reach the edges of the countertop especially at the corners. So how do you successfully fit tile edging in place? 


The answer is not to try and cut tile or jam in slightly larger pieces of tile as both of these “fixes” can damage the tile. Once you learn how to lay tile across the countertop you’ll next need to tackle the corners and edges of the tile.


This is where v-cap tiles come into the picture. V-cap tiles are specially designed and shaped tiles specifically for the corner edges of your countertops. They fit snugly, encasing the countertop corners. V-caps when installed properly make your countertop look sleek and finished and protect the countertop corners from dirt and damage. You can buy v-cap tiles that match the material, color, and texture of the rest of the tiles being installed.

Installing V-Cap Tile EdgingCredit: Google: Ivy Glasgow Tiles

So how to install a v-cap in a corner of the countertops?


First make sure the area of the countertop is clean and free of dust and debris before proceeding. Next you will need to apply a tiny amount of thinset mortar to the corner edges. Make sure that it is thinset mortar. Other types of mortar may be too thick making the tiles raised or may not adhere properly. Remember it is best to install v-cap tiles before the rest of the counter top is already tiled although if you are replacing v-caps or already started the tiling you can still add the v-caps.  


Dip the tip of a flat trowel into the thinset mortar. Delicately put a small layer of the mortar onto each exposed corner of the countertop where the v-cap tiles are to be installed. Gently smooth over the mortar with the trowel but be very careful not to bump the existing tiles.


Use the trowel to apply a little bit of the thinset mortar onto the back of each V-cap tile. Use the trowel tip or your finger to gently smooth it out until the back of the tiles are evenly covered.


Carefully line up each V-cap with a corner of the counter. The top surface of the v-cap should sit flat on top and be flush with the surrounding tiles. The v-cap will tightly and snugly wrap around the edge of the counter. Be sure you firmly hold the tile in place for a few minutes to give the mortar a chance to dry. Repeat this for the additional tiles. Do not apply too much weight to the tiles as this can cause cracking.


Wait at least 12 hours (0vernight) for the mortar to fully dry and take hold. Fill the edges and lines between the v-caps and the surrounding tiles with a small amount of grout. Make sure the grout is flush with the tiles for smoothness and a clean look. Allow the grout to dry and harden for at least 24 hours before cleaning or using the countertop surfaces.


Now you know how to fit tile edging and how to put tiles on the corner edges of your countertops.