Let's face it, times are tough right now. One of the best ways to protect yourself and your family is by installing a wireless home security system. Installing a wireless home security system may sound difficult but in fact, it's quite easy. Follow the steps below to install your cheap and easy wireless home security system.

Things You Will Need

- Wireless home security cameras (real or fake)
- Home security system signs
- External lighting
- Wireless door and window sensors

Step 1

Create a visual deterrence by installing signs

One of the best ways to prevent a break in is by creating a visual deterrence. If a thief even thinks you have a wireless home security system installed he'll move on to the next house. There are many places you can buy home security signs, just place these in your front yard and on your front and back doors.

Step 2

Increase your outside lighting to deter thieves

A thief doesn't want to be seen when he's breaking into a house. Install motion detectors on your outside lights and also remove or cut down shrubbery by your windows. Even though this isn't technically a wireless home security system feature it is vital that you do this.

Step 3

Install wireless home security cameras

Install some wireless home security cameras. There are many real (and fake) wireless home security cameras that are easy to install and have (obviously) no wiring to worry about. It can also be just as effective to install fake cameras. A thief doesn't like to be on camera, make him move on to the next home.

Step 4

Install intrusion detectors on your doors and windows

There are many cheap and easy to install intrusion detectors that require very little installation. Just hang them on your doors and you're done. For the windows there are two part wireless home security intrusion detectors, one part on the window and one on the frame. These intrusion detectors are very cheap and some sets can be controlled from a single wireless home security remote control.

Awesome wireless intrusion detectors available on Amazon.

So there you have it. It's quite simple and cheap to install a wireless home security system. Just some signs, lights, fake cameras and wireless home security intrusion detectors on your doors and windows. You can have the entire wireless home security system up and running in just a few hours.

Tips & Warnings

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