Once you have a garbage disposal you’ll wonder what you ever did without it! They get rid of food scraps that would usually clog up your sink in no time.

If you’ve never had one it will serve you well to learn how to install a garbage disposal.

The first think you need to do is make sure you have a large enough drain opening. Also, it is best that the disposer have its own circuit from you circuit breaker.

There are a variety of different power levels to choose from so select the ones that meets your needs.

Turn off the power from the breaker to start.

Then, use a pipe wrench to remove the drainpipe come from the sink. You’ll also need to remove the p-trap connector.

Then, unscrew the strainer from the sink. This works by unscrewing the nut that is holding it. Locate it by looking underneath the sink.Install a Garbage Disposal

Next, put plumbers putty around the drain opening. Put your new sink flange into place.

Then, put the gasket and ring onto the sleeve. You’ll need to hold these in place with your hands until you put on the mounting ring and snap ring.

Make sure you tighten all of the mounting screws very thoroughly. Doing a good job learning how to install a garbage disposal means tight installation so that nothing goes wrong down the road.

Then you can connect the disposal wires! Connect white to white, black to black, and then connect the ground wires. Don’t forget to put the plate cover back on so that you don’t expose the wires.

Then, put the disposal into place and lock the mounting ears on to the mounting assembly. Next, install the discharge tube.

Make sure it is in line with the drain trap. You can cut this to fit perfectly if you need to. Also, make sure to include the gasket in the installation.

Finally, lock the disposal into place using the included wrench. Any kit you buy should include one of these.

Once you test everything for leaks and functionality you can start to enjoy your brand new garbage disposal.

Having a garbage disposal can really simplify your life. You won’t need to gather the wet scraps and carry them to the trashcan anymore!

Learn how to install a garbage disposal and you’ll be very glad you did.