A kitchen backsplash can really change the whole look and feel about the atmosphere and environment that you are in. You can find something unique that just goes with your style, or you could decide to go more traditional. There are so many designs and styles, that your choices are in no way limited.

How to Choose a Backsplash

There is no doubt, this is tricky – do you go with tiny mosaic tiles, or do you go with a couple of strips? What about the texture and what about the color? First of all, you have to take a look around you because you don’t want your tiles to clash. Do you have a certain theme? If it is an art deco modern kitchen, then you may want to go with black and white.

modern backsplash

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You also have to keep the practical aspects in mind. Something may look good, but how easy is it to clean? Take a sample with you and try it out. Just stick it down temporarily, so you get an idea of what it looks like with the rest of your décor. Get a couple of samples, so that you can choose.

How to Install Backsplash Kitchen Tile

  • Substrate Preparation – Before you do anything, you have to make sure your surface is clean and smooth, otherwise it is not going to be successful. To do this, you should use something like TexRite or TotalContact. This will get rid of oil, wax, sealers and adhesives. You can use concrete or plaster, but there are other substrates that work just as well.  Plaster the area where the tiles are going to be placed.
  • Find the best area – You may just have one thing which will act as a focal point. However, a strip of mosaics could also look going right around the kitchen. Bear in mind that you will have to cut tiles which will have to cover things like switches and electricity boxes, for example. However, there are special tools for this.
  •  Apply Mortar – spread this over with a trowel so that you are ensured of a good coverage. Turn the trowel over, when you are sure that the wall is completely covered and you need to take any excess off. You can do this with the other side of the trowel. Be careful not to spread this on too thickly, because this will then seep through between the tiles and it will probably not dry properly.
  •  Install the Tiles – start working from the countertop upwards to ensure that your tiles are levelled. You already know that your countertop is level, so it is much safer this way.backsplach installation

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  •  Make Cuts – There are going to be places where you will need to make the tiles smaller because they will be obstructing kitchen cabinets or electrical switches. You will need a dry cutter or a wetsaw can be used here. You can rent the tools, and this is probably the best way to go.

6 Backsplash Designs that Really Stand Out

Glass mosaics – mosaics that shine on your wall add a sense of elegance and this is even better when complemented with rich woods, so you always have to look at your décor as well.

glass mosaic backsplash

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Marble – this goes well with a pure white kitchen. Sometimes a kitchen that is completely white can appear bland, but with the veins in the marble, you will notice that this brings it out more. Marble always gives you a sense of elegance.

Subway tiles  - Many people want practical features more than anything else. This seems to come first, but it can also create a hard look, especially when you are working with stainless steel. However, this can be softened with this kind of tiling.

Natural stone – there is a lot of stone that you can use, which will just change the look of your kitchen. If you stay in a cool area, this will do wonders, because it will warm it up. You can create your own theme with this, depending on what else you have in here. Stainless steel will automatically give it more of a modern look and feel.

Vertical Mosaic glass boarder – adding a color strip right around the kitchen really brings it out. Usually people will choose a color with tones that go together. For example, one would pick various tones of blue, which go together and each color does something different, so you have to choose appropriately.

Chalkboard – This is really something different, but looks really good as well, especially if you place it in the right places. You will find that this type of backsplash can look really creative placed at the back of shelves. One can do this DIY style with special chalkboard paint and without too much fuss.