You have several options when installing an aftermarket stereo in an Escape. Here is a basic step by step to help you along the process!

Things You Will Need

Dash conversion kit (Din or double DIN) Stereo that fits in dash kit Wiring Harness-vehicle specific Electrical tape Screwdriver

Step 1

Before you can install your new aftermarket stereo in your Escape, you need to remove the factory stereo and dash kit. A new aftermarket dash conversion kit is required whether you are installing a single DIN or double DIN stereo.

Step 2

Now that you have your factory dash removed, you'll need to follow the specific instructions of your new kit for replacement. There are several brands and styles, so its hard to explain how to change this when their different!! It will tell you how to hook your climate controls, 12volt, and other accessories into your new dash kit.

Step 3

After the aftermarket dash conversion kit is ready, you need to prepare your aftermarket stereo. A wiring harness should come with your stereo; this will be manually connected to the wiring harness that plugs directly into your vehicle pre-existing wire harness. I highly recommend this method so you do not have to cut your truck wiring, thus voiding any electrical warranties!

Step 4

To connect the stereo harness to the harness that plugs into your truck, connect the following wires:
Yellow- 12-volt memory
Red- 12-volt ignition
Orange- Dash light
Black- Radio chassis ground
Blue- Power antenna
White- Left front speaker (+)
White/Black stripe- left front (-)
Green-Left rear (+)
Green/Black- Left rear (-)
Grey-Right front (+)
Grey/Black- Right front (-)
Purple- Right rear (+)
Purple/Black- Right rear (-)

To connect these without sodering, strip the wire coating back 1/2 in. Cross the two wires at the base of the stripped area and twist a few times. Then fold the two ends out, wrap them around the wiring, and twist the remaining ends together below the wiring. If you gently pull on both sides of the knotted wire, it should stay put. Cover any open wire with electrical tape!!!

Step 5

After the wiring harnesses are connected, you are ready to install the stereo according to your dash kit directions- again this will vary with the products you buy-. Plug the wiring harness that is connected to your stereo, into the factory harness. Push the extra wiring back into an empty space, not directly behind your stereo, and not where the wires can be damaged.

Step 6

Before installing the remainder of the dash kit, I recommend testing your new stereo to make sure that it is correctly hooked up, and works properly. This is the time to fix things if they are not right. After you are certain the stereo works, you can now install the rest of the dash conversion kit!

Tips & Warnings