Things You Need



Heat gun

Putty knife

Adhesive remover

Soft cloths

Vinyl top


Spray adhesive

Sharp knife


Step 1

Use a screwdriver and chisel to remove the window trim and moldings from the edges of the original vinyl top. Use the chisel to loosen the adhesive holding the trim pieces in place. If necessary, apply a heat gun to the area for a few seconds to loosen the glue.


 Step 2

Pull the old vinyl away from the top of the car. Use a heat gun to loosen the glue as you pull the vinyl back. A putty knife can also help loosen the bond between the vinyl and the top of the car.


 Step 3

Spray the top of the car with adhesive remover. Allow the remover to sit for five minutes. Wipe away the adhesive residue with a soft cloth.


Step 4

Place the new vinyl top over the car. Adjust the center seam of the top where it needs to go so that the sides hang down correctly and everything fits in place. Mark the placement of the center seam with a chalk line.


 Step 5

Spray some spray adhesive onto the top of the car. Spray the sides of the car as well, where the vinyl top will fall.


Step 6

Place the center seam of the vinyl car top along the chalk line. Smooth out the rest of the vinyl top from the center seam to remove any wrinkles or air bubbles. Smooth the sides of the vinyl top down over the sides of the car.


 Step 7

Trim any excess vinyl pieces from around the windows or if any of the vinyl falls below the trim piece line.


 Step 8

Screw the trim pieces back in place over the edges of the new vinyl. Allow the adhesive to dry for 24 hours before taking the car out into the rain or other wet conditions.