Installing a wireless adapter into your desktop computer is an easy way for you to take advantage of your homes wireless network and gives you flexibility in the placement of your computer that you don't have when you need to rely on cable connections.

Things you'll need:

  • A wireless network
  • A wireless adapter for your desktop computer
  1. Determine the type of wireless router that you have or purchase a matching wireless router and wireless adapter for your computer.
  2. Set up and configure the new wireless router following all of the manufacturers recommended settings. Usually the set up is as easy as inserting a CD and following the step by step instructions provided on the screen.
  3. After the wireless router in properly configured you can install your adapter card. Before you actually install the card, though, you must first run the setup CD that came with the card. Follow the instruction on the screen. The last instruction will usually say that when you press next the computer will shut down. Do this and let the computer shut down.
  4. After the computer is powered off, disconnect the power cord. Remove the side cover from the computer so that you have access to the motherboard. Determine where your PCI slot is and remove the metal access plate that corresponds with the location on the back of the computer. This is where your antenna will come out. Insert the adapter card into the PCI slot being sure that it is fully engaged. Screw on the antenna and replace the side cover and insert the power cord.
  5. Power on the computer. When you log back into your account the installation process will automatically resume where it left off. The new wireless card will find all of the available wireless networks in the area. Find yours, type in the password for your network and you are on the internet.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be sure to run the setup CD before installing your adapter card
  • Use care when removing the metal access plate from the back of the computer
  • Use care when installing components within you computer. Most parts are very sensitive
  • This may be a good time to add/update your computers memory while you have it open
  • This is a good time to gently vacuum out the inside of your computer
  • Use care when doing anything within your computer. There are very sensitive electrical components inside
  • Always disconnect the power supply before removing the computer side cover