You can install an wireless printer

There are wireless HP printers that will let you print without the use of any wire to connect to your computers. Some families enjoy using wireless HP printers at home since these devices work for multiple computer networks.

Multiple laptops or desktop computers can be wirelessly connected to the same HP printer but you also need to check each available computer if it has a wireless capability so that it can function well when connected to the HP wireless printer.

The installation process of your wireless HP printer is easy if you follow the instructions. It generally comes with a complete guide and software. Wireless printers are economical especially for small businesses or offices who use multiple computers and need to print some documents everyday.

Things You Will Need

Computer, wireless HP printer, CD software, printer manual

Step 1

Get the CD that was attached from your HP wireless printer and insert it into your laptop or desktop computer that you'll going to use for printing. After you had inserted the CD, just follow all the instructions that you can see on your computer screen because it will let you configure the initial network settings and set-up the software.

Verify if your laptop or other desktop computers are compatible and has enough amount of storage capacity to network with the HP wireless printer so that it can load and perform the program successfully.

Step 2

Select where to install the software and consider its components upon the installation process. Project creation software as well as network utility are the most common HP printer components. You don't have to install another software if you already have a software for your project creation.

You also don't have to install another component for your additional computers just for the purpose of using the wireless HP printer. Just set up a router system on your main computer because routers will send the wireless internet signal to other computers in your home or office.

Step 3

Turn the "on" button of the HP printer when you're prompted. Follow the instructions coming from the software. Connect the printer temporarily through a USB cable if the software will not verify or identify the wireless HP printer.

Step 4

Select a printer name followed by an IP address. Remember this printer name since you could use it to install and access the wireless printer during the final step of the installation process.

You can opt to create a static IP address or it can be dynamic. Let the HP software choose a static IP or you could assign a static IP address if you have bigger networks to avoid complication on your network.

Step 5

Press "Continue" so that you can complete the installation. The entire process can take up probably between 25-35 minutes especially if you decide to include all the software components during the installation process. Charge or load the CD software that comes with the HP printer and install it to every computer that needs connection and usage for the HP wireless printer.

The router attached to the main computer will provide access to every computer to locate the printer signal by the time the CD software has been installed. You can install the new ink cartridges based on the manufacturer's manual instructions.

Step 6

Install the wireless HP printer to your additional computers by clicking "Start". If you can't immediately see the "Add a Printer" option, try typing in the search files and programs box the word "printer" and it will just show up so that you can click it. Select "A Network Printer" to view a list of wireless network printers.

Select the printer name that you had chosen based on step four instruction to install and access the wireless HP printer. Make sure that your computer is connected to the wireless network and your wireless HP printer is turned on.

HP printers are made in different types and come with various functions so select one that has network capability. Research first prior purchasing your HP printer and also consider a very good router system so that you'll have a faster speed through your internet signal in your computer network as well as when using your printer.

Tips & Warnings

  • Set or adjust your wireless keyboard and mouse once you are done installing the software.
  • Read carefully your HP printer manual printer or visit their support site for further assistance in case you have some inquiries regarding your new wireless printer.

    Avoid connecting or turning on your new HP wireless printer before you're being prompted because it may provide a negative outcome like a printer setup problem on your future use of the device.