An HSDPA USB modem (also known as an HSPA modem or High-Speed Downlink Packet Access Modem) is a high speed internet modem that allows you to download and access the internet at 3G mobile phone speeds. But you don’t need a cell phone to access high speed mobile internet networks for 3 G internet access. A special USB modem allows your computer to connect to the same mobile network when you’re on the go. This tiny external USB device means you’ll get high speed HSPA internet wherever there is cell phone reception towers nearby for your carrier.


First off you’ll need to get an HSDPA modem. Usually the best way to get one of these 3 G internet modems is to purchase them directly from a cell phone service provider as part of an internet access bundle. Sometimes you can find these high speed portable modems at electronics or computer stores. Either way you’ll need a data plan contract with a service provider that offers 3G speeds on an HSDPA signal. It is worth noting that some third party services now exist where you can purchase this access without having to have a separate cell phone plan.            Image of an HSDPA USB Modem by HuaweiCredit: By Str4nd (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons Once you have your modem in hand you’ll need to connect it directly to a USB port on your desktop or laptop computer. If the modem came with special software, install it before proceeding. Generally these modems are compatible with multiple operating systems such as various versions of Windows and also Mac OS X. 


You might need to restart after installing the wireless modem software. After restarting double click on the service provider icon on your desktop. Or open your favorite web browser such as Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Opera and you’ll be directed to your account  log in page for your internet access.


Enter your username and password or use the create a new account link when prompted. Often when you sign up for HSDPA 3G on the go services you’ll set the account up at the store or online. 


Once you’ve set up and logged on you’ll get high speed internet access wherever your service provider has 3G cellular towers available. Depending on the service you’re connection speeds will vary widely. 


Overall having your own 3G usb hub modem can be a great productivity tool and also reduce expenses especially if you travel a lot and aren’t able to stop by a library or coffee shop for free Wi-Fi access.