For those who find themselves purchasing.. or maybe thinking about.. an electronic toilet/bidet from Japan, it's really not as hard as it seems. Hopefully these instructions can save you from being $100 poorer by staying away from getting a plumber. It requires some bit of patience and time, as all things. But to my defense, I took care of this matter without a single knowledge on plumbing!
Keep in mind I've made separate substeps in each one because each execution are different per step.

Things You Will Need

- A mini-wrench (if it doesn't already come with set)
- Screwdriver
- Access to get pipe connector whether its a car or online connection

Step 1

toilet start Turn off your water source. Hopefully in your case it will just be near the toilet. If not you might have to shut your whole water system off- 99% of the time it will be within the toilet very nearby.
Place a small bowl under the piping because excess water between pipes will still be held and that will release as soon as you disconnect the pipes later.

Step 2

Disconnect the water pipe from the source.
Unscrew the current saddle out of your toilet.
While you're at it and down there, I suggest wipe and clear around the area.

Step 3

Toipipe The T shaped pipe will be part of your package.
The challenge is connecting it to one part the water source and the tank, which will be generally about 3/8s in in pipe talk size. Your T shaped pipe will be about 1/2 in pipe talk size. What you will need is a transformer or a reducer or inducer.
Another lingo you might need to learn would be: male and female. Males have their threading (the striping around the pipe) on an outie and the females have it in the innie side. Get it yet?

So you will need the water source from the wall to connect to the female part of the T shaped connector- because of the size issue, I found it to be easiest to just buy another toilet connector. Before you connect them all together, make sure you add the rubber circular sealer that comes with the package, The male end of the T shaped connection should be easier because it was easy to find a reducer from 1/2 to 3/8. Check.
An example of the toilet pipe is shown, but do not get the one with the white end.

Step 4

Sealed Now before we get into it, fasten the new seat/bidet to your toilet skeleton. Screw things in and make sure it's tight and secure.

The middle part of the T pipe is not like a male or female threading. It instead has big ridges. That connects to the clear looking or white plastic pipe that comes in the package. Seal it with the clips on the right endings. Peek at the diagram on your Japanese manual. And do the same fastening on to the toilet bidet.

Step 5

Connects This is what mine looked like.
Before you turn your water completely on, keep your water bowl there. Tighten all areas of piping with the wrench. Then turn on the water slowly. Give it a couple of minutes to make sure no leaking occurs. And if it does, fasten and tighten some more or use sealant. Now try again with the water. And if no problems, turn it to amount you want it to be. Enjoy your groovy new throne. If you get the ones that have a heating effect by sensor, you will be enjoying the warmness against your toushy. No more cold sittings! Overall these systems have environment in mind, that even if you have it on all day, it doesn't suck your electricity like crazy- but don't quote me on that and suggest you are studying the model enough. But hey at least you'll save on toilet paper, Enjoy your new found hygiene.

Tips & Warnings

When you receive your set/box/package, do not uninstall your current toilet saddle just yet. Don't turn off your water and start disconnecting pipes. You're not going to be sure you're going to complete this project. But you will need to go to bathroom. That would suck.