Beading and jewelry making have been around for thousands of years in one form or another. Some of mans early beads were made from a variety of products. The thread was often made from natural growing vines while the beads themselves were from animal bones and teeth, seed pods, sea shells, nuts and stone.

The natives believed that by wearing these animal bones it would protect them from the forces of evil. Other tribes and natives have worn beads in one form or another for religious beliefs or for personal adornment of one sort or another.

If only man realized what they had created and the fashions started when beads were first threaded onto a fiber or vine. They would have become millionaires. Back then, they were know to make a form of clay beads and would decorate them with an early form of paint to create different colors.

Beads were also used for trading stores. It is believed that the Romans created the first abacus a counting device which was used for many years. It was about the 1800 to 1900's when beads really came into fruition. This is when they first produced millions of tiny little glass beads of many different colors.

I still remember as a child when my elder sister hit the lampshade in our hall and thousands of tiny little bead flew all over the floor. We were scared stiff, knowing we would be in trouble as this lampshade had been brought all the way from England in my mother's luggage.

It had a silk type of material covering the top and from around the base there would have been about ten inches of fringed beads. It was beautiful. Mum realized it was an accident, and although she was upset she gave us the mundane job of threading all the beads back onto new thread so as to make it last longer. I still have some of those tiny beads in my little box of treasures and memories.

old beads

In this picture some of the beads in the dish are from my mum's lamp. The long beads were threaded around the top then millions of those tiny weeny beads were threaded next all in a pattern of color then another long one was put on then more patterned tiny ones. It took us several weeks to thread each and everyone back onto the lamp.

The orange odd shape beads are made from coral, I think I will have to restring them again.

The white bead with the piece out the side was a craze going around in my childhood. They would all pop together to form a bracelet or necklace, from memory it was called poppit beads.

The interest in beads appeared to drop off for a while although now it is back in full swing. Now it is more in the form of jewelry making. Many enthusiasts make necklaces, ear rings, bracelets, and anklets. This are made from tiny to very large shapes beads of all different colors made of glass and various other materials.

Instructions for threading a Beaded Bracelet

To be honest you really do not need any instructions, as you can create anything that your heart desires by using your creative imagination.

Materials required

Bead thread (length you require plus a few inches extra) approximately 7"

Beads – the sizes will depend on your personal choice. You will require smaller ones to use as spacers.

Clasp and two bead tips (These tips are to secure the ends of bracelet to the clasp).


Choose the way or pattern you wish to thread the beads and lay them out on a soft cloth so they will not roll away.

Be careful not to move them or you will lose your order of threading.

Put a knot in the end and trim of excess thread. Thread the end without the knot through the open end of the bead tip. Pull thread right through the tip so the knot you made is resting inside the bead tip.

Put a dab of craft glue onto the knot and let it dry.

With pliers close the bead tip. Now thread your beads in the required order.

When finished thread the other bead tip fees on so the open end of tip fees faces away from the string of beads.

Tie a loose knot in the remaining thread end and using a pin or similar push the knot down into the open bead tip fees. The knot should be secure against the hole. Trim and close bead tip.

Fix one clasp end onto one bead tip hook so loops at end are joined. Using pliers close one ring over the other. Do the same with the other clasp piece.

Now you can wear your bracelet whenever you wish. That wasn't too hard was it?

I hope that helped you to see how easy it is to make your own jewelry no matter what it is.