Smartphone Insurance Tips

Renters Insurance for the iPhone

Buying an iPhone or smartphone is an investment to protect. Apple iPhone and smartphone retail prices are high, some rivaling or exceeding cheap laptop prices. Cell phone carriers buy the cell phones at high prices, discount cost for customers then recoup the difference during the two year contract.  During the smartphone sale customers face the smartphone insurance question - do you want to add smartphone insurance to protect your phone?  Cell phone salesmen add a dash of fear about the eventual iPhone toilet drop and high replacement costs.  Customers cave, taking on the extra insurance payment. Cell phone insurance is likely the most over purchased, under used, and worthless insurance plans. Renters insurance is an underused, cheap insurance that covers smartphones and much more.

Cheap Smartphone Insurance

Renters insurance covers people renting apartments, houses, or duplexes.  Home owners buy house insurance.  Renters insurance covers personal belonging in case of fire, water damage, and theft. While most consumers know about car insurance, few know about renters insurance, and some think insurance at home is only for homeowners.  Renters insurance is also called apartment insurance.  Apartment renters, college students, and anyone renting versus owning or buying a home should check out renters insurance, especially before buying a new expensive iPhone or smartphone.  Renters insurance covers personal belongings in case something happens, like theft, and in most cases it covers items in a vehicle too.  Renters insurance insures personal property and that includes smartphones.  Cell phone reps scare customers into getting useless cell insurance by citing the iPhone retail replacement cost.

Renters insurance is the cheapest, best way to insure a smartphone.  Between renters insurance and car insurance personal belongings are covered, including the cell phone.  Double check these insurance policies for smartphone clauses before buying a new smartphone, iPhone, or other cheaper cell phone.  Uninsured renters should call for cheap renters insurance quotes.  Ask about smartphone or iPhone coverage to make sure renters insurance covers them.

Cell phone reps invoke fear into customers by overwhelming them with $500 prices to replace their iPhone, Blackberry, or MyTouch Slide.  Some cell phone companies use other scare tactics to push customers into buying their smartphone insurance. The theft scenario (smartphone users as robbery targets) is used a lot by cell phone companies because retail smartphones cost more than a cheap student laptop.  Cell phone carries profit from selling smartphone insurance plans.  Compare renters insurance cost and coverage to smartphone insurance costs over a year, added to the monthly cell phone bill, including deductibles.  Cell phone users with renters insurance and car insurance usually find they don't need to add anything else.

Best Way to Insure a Smartphone

Renters insurance covers all personal belongings in the home not just a cell phone.  Renters insurance also covers the renter if someone gets hurt in the home, so it is a great insurance and better than paying monthly insurance premiums for just one simple cell phone. Renters insurance budgets smartphone insurance much better than paying for multiple insurance plans.  Renters insurance covers theft.  Apartment renters insurance extends some coverage to vehicles.  If an iPhone gets stolen from a car then auto or renters insurance covers it.  Renters insurance is cost effective.  Cell phone users often read about renters insurance to insure their cell phone only to find they were duplicating cell phone insurance coverage unnecessarily .

College students need renters insurance. College students use iPhones, smartphones, and other electronics and college student gadgets.  Colleges campuses are rampant with theft especially of backpacks, laptops, cell phones, and other gadgets. Renters insurance may cover college dorm room living or fraternity houses.  Classroom use of e-books, laptops, and Apple iPads is growing and that makes them something that vulnerable.  Imagine getting your used Macbook stolen as a broke college student on budget.  Renters insurance can help improve that outcome.  Find out about smartphone insurance coverage with renters insurance.  Get everything covered.