Most children naturally love art and pretty things, however, getting them to be interactive with art is a different story. Stores like Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores and Jerry's Artarama are great places to start for ideas on introducing interactive art to your young ones. Your children will not only learn to appreciate the arts even more, but they will be able to exercise their motor skills also.


A fabric store is a great place to start. Just bringing your child into the store will net great results. The variety of textures on the fabrics, not to mention the colors, will have your child feeling and touching to see what feels best. She will also be delighted to find all types of buttons and other embellishments that can be used with the fabric. Suggesting that the two of you work on something simple like a designer pillow is a great way to get your child's artistic side to come to the fore.

This is not just for girls; both genders have to have pillows and will enjoy having a monogrammed or embellished pillow in their room. Let your young ones choose their own fabric, buttons and designs and then help them choose the stuffing for the pillow. Watching a simple project like this come to fruition after the sewing is done is a great way to allow your child to be artistic.


Crafts stores are not only fun for young ones, but their parents as well. Your children will be excited to build something with their own hands, especially if they see you're doing the same. Pick out a craft that you would enjoy and then allow your child to pick out an age-appropriate craft that he would enjoy; work on them together. Simple model planes and/or stick homes are great places to start. You can also buy paints to decorate your creation with even more art once you're done crafting.

Art Kits

There are also kits designed specifically for introducing your young ones to art. These kits are age specific and usually a catalyst for creativity. Some kits will contain clay, paint, crayons, chalk, an easel, brushes and a board so that you child can "go to town" with and showcase their artistic flair. Most are totally non-toxic, but make sure to double check before you buy your kit. If the paints are non-toxic, you can allow your child to practice a bit of face painting, which everyone loves. Get involved by using the child's kit to create your own works. It will encourage your child to use the kit herself and the sky is the limit.

Whatever you do, don't judge or criticize your child's work. Just let her express herself with the aforementioned projects and be very complimentary. You'll find that your child's introduction to art will spur learning in other areas as well. Make sure to introduce your child to the arts as soon as you can; it can open up a world of wonderful possibilities.