Thinking about adopting a kitten?  Before you do, it is important to think about how the new addition to your family will affect your household.

With a few simple steps, your family and kitten will get along in no time.


Select the Right Kitten For Your Family

The first step starts even before you have selected your new family member.  If you are purchasing a kitten from a local breeder to your best to research the breed that you are selecting.  Each breed has different personality and there are breeds that are better suited for families.

If you are adopting a kitten from your local shelter or humane society be sure to tell the employee or volunteer around your family.  Since they work with the animals on a daily basic they will have an idea of how each kitten will act with a family.

Before making your final decision on the kitten, make sure that you spend time with it at the shelter or breeder’s location.  If the kitten seems to do well with your family in its current environment than it should be a good match for your family.


Make Your Home Welcoming

No matter where your new kitten is coming from it is going to be a big adjustment to making your house their new home.  During the time it takes to run your application, begin purchasing items that will make your home more kitten friendly.  Ask them what kitten food, kitty litter and other items the kitten enjoys.

Items such as the following can be found at your local pet store:

  • Toys
  • Cat Bed
  • Litter Box & Kitty Litter
  • Food Dishes & Kitten Food

Many of these items make also be included with your new addition but it is always good to have extra. 



Kitten-Proof Your Home

Aside from adding items to your home it will also be important to adjust some other parts of your home.  There are many simple and inexpensive things that will prevent damage to your home.

Buy clear packing tape and use it on any furniture that your kitten may try to scratch like your couch, chairs or beds.  Some kittens may never try to scratch your furniture and if after a few weeks you notice that this is the case you may remove the tape.  

You may also notice that your kitten has other bad habits such as jumping on the kitchen counters or scratching at the door.  Many people recommend using a spray bottle filled with water to alert the kitten so they will stop.

The best way to prevent trouble is to clear temptation.  By keeping left over food on the table, counter or other surface it will entinse your pet to investigate.  Also, be sure to set rules for your new kitten early.

Once a kitten thinks an action is okay it will be hard to break them of the habit.


Allow Time

Adding a kitten into the family will be an adjustment for everyone.  If you have other pets, slowly introduce them to each other.  Bring something that smells like your current pet or pets to the kitten and vice versa so they can get used to each others' scents.

Do not get discouraged if your pets do not warm up the kitten as quickly as you would like.  Older pets take a bit more time to adjust such an energetic new family member.

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