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Netflix is the world's largest online movie rental service serving more than 10 million customers. You choose your movies and/or TV shows online and then they are mailed to you. You pay no shipping or late fees. You get to keep the movie as long as you like and return in a pre-paid envelop. It's a great way to save money and best of all you don't have to drive to the rental store to rent and return your movies.

Things You Will Need

Internet Connection

Netflix Account

Step 1

Go to to create an account. Click on not a member on the right hand side of the homepage.

Step 2

Start your free trial. This free trial is a two week trial. If during those 2 weeks you enjoy Netflix and want to become a member then do nothing and your membership will automatically continue on the plan you selected or you can simply cancel your account before the free trial ends and you want be charged.

Step 3

Fill in your email address and create a password and click on continue. Next, choose your plan and click continue. Now fill in your name, address and phone number. Finally, put in your credit card information and your Netflix account is created.

Step 4

Now it's time to start adding movies to your queue. It's important to always have movies in your queue because if you do not have one, then Netflix will not send you another DVD. Constantly add movies to your queue. To add movies, sign in and then click on save.
NetflixYour DVD will be mailed to you, keep as long as you want and then return in the prepaid envelop to receive your next movie. Your credit card will automatically be charged monthly. At any time you can cancel or change your plan up or down. Enjoy the convenience of not going to the movie store and no more late fees. You can even watch movies or TV shows instantly with Netflix online.

Tips & Warnings