Blog Parties or link parties can be a great way to increase your blog traffic. A blog party is a list of links on the host blogger's post to other people's blog posts. They often have a particular theme or challenge required to join, or they may be used for people who write in the same niche to get to know each other and share ideas and inspiration.

Step 1: Find a Popular Blog that Hosts Link Parties
You may already know a blogger who hosts link parties, or you may have to find one. Search for blogs with a similar topic to yours who also host parties. For example, the niche of my blog is art. So I might search for "art blog party inlinkz" or "art challenge linky list".

Example of Link Party or Blog Party Links
Credit: The Color Throwdown, Inlinkz

Step 2: Once you've found a link party or linky list to join, find out what the criteria is. For example, artist and designer Julie Fei-Fan Balzer hosts blog parties so other people can share their art journaling. The Colour Throwdown picks a new colour palette each week and asks their readers to create a card in that colour palette.

Step 3: Once you've found the link party you'd like to join, write your post. Make sure you include everything that the host wants and follow the rules they set. If the host regularly throws link parties, there may be a code for that particular week that you need to include in your post.

Step 4: After you post your post, click the "Add Your Link" button on the host's blog, at the bottom of the linky list. This will open up a page with a place to type the URL of your blog post, the title of your blog post and your email.

Inlinkz Add Your Link Screen
Credit: The Color Throwdown, Inlinkz

Step 5: Now all that's left is to check that your image appears correctly on the host's blog. After it loads, there should be a thumbnail at the bottom of the list with your image and title. Now anyone that looks through the list can see the link to your blog and click on it if they'd like to see more.

As well as joining other people's parties, you can also build your traffic and the engagement of your audience by hosting your own. Sign up at Inlinkz and follow their instructions to create your account and set up your first link party. This allows you to talk to your readers, find out what they're interested in and create engagement. Engaged readers are readers who are more likely to return to read further posts. They may also be grateful that you're providing some publicity and backlinks to their blog. Link parties are a win-win situation for both hosts and participants. With a little effort, both hosting and participating in parties should boost the number of visitors to your blog.

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