There are several roles in League of Legends, (a free to play MOBA) and one of them is the Jungler! Ever since the Jungle changes in Season 2 I have seen an increase in people willing to jungle, but also an increase in the amount of horrible people that call Jungle and do poorly. So I am here to help my ELO from dropping even more, because of a bad Jungler! There is far to much to go over to turn you from a Eve jungling boss of the loss to a 10-0 Fiddle Jungling, Barrel Dodging, Kid Krusher like myself! I will be writing a series of articles filled with info to help you become better as a a Jungler!!!

The Basics! -

Thought to be the most important job of a Jungler, also thought to be necessary for a lane to win! Both of those thoughts are 100% incorrect. Ganking is very important, but not needed. If you don't gank it shouldn't make that lane die, they should be behind on CS/EXP and that's it!!!

The Act of Ganking! -

     1. I'm a very aggressive jungler and will almost always gank at level 2, when the opportunity presents it's self that is. The most important thing to remember when ganking is to NOT waste time. I see so many Junglers sit in bushes AFTER i have said it's warded >.>, wasting time and stealing EXP. If you can gank then DO IT, if not then farm dat Jungle!

     2. Gank the right lane! Don't try and dive the tower of your bot lane when they are already winning, go help your top lane that can't keep up. Even if you dive and get 2 kills on bot, YOUR TOP LANE IS STILL LOSING.

     3. Know the power of your ganks!  A gank can be lane crippling, or just serve as an announcement as to where you are. If you go to gank Riven at top and it fails, you did nothing and let the enemy bot lane know they can push hard or zone your bot lane with no worries.

Know what to do! -

Should you gank or counter jungle? If all your lanes are winning and you can counter jungle the enemy to the point they can't gank it is just like ganking a lane and getting a kill. If your lanes don't have to worry about getting ganked they can control the lane, be overly aggressive, and push to the tower. You also have to remember if you try and kill the enemy jungler at red and their mid and yours doesn't you could die... Not much hope for counter-jungling after that!