Are you looking to earn money from writing articles on the internet? If your answer is yes then I hope to show you a few tips on how to earn more money and keep accurate records of your content writing bookmarks.

On the other hand if you have always wanted to write then the internet is a great place to start. Yes you
can earn money from your own home by joining a variety of sites and writing articles on the internet.

Most sites allow you to write articles on all sorts of topics. The best way to earn money is by writing accounts that readers are searching Google in the hope of learning more information.

Accounts like how to, DIY, reducing credit card charges or anything else that you have considerable knowledge about and pass this information on to your readers. You will earn money when people click on the adverts on your contents through Google Adsense.

Writing Sites

Here is a list of a few writing sites that you can join free of charge (never pay to join a site) and start writing contents for:

  • Info Barrel
  • Hubpages
  • Infopirate
  • Xomba
  • Redgage
  • Page360
  • Snipsley

Book marking your articles

Have you written heaps of articles in the hope of earning money through freelance sites or other writing sites? If this applies to you then you need to Promote your Article URLs to Community Networks and many other book marking sites.

Once you have written your contents and start back linking or book marking you will need to keep a good clear record of where you have book marked each content. Otherwise you won't know where and how many sites you have put each content on. No one wants to bookmark the same content twice on the same place.

 How to keep accurate records

This simplest way is to use a spreadsheet. You can use excel or any other spreadsheet that you are comfortable to use.

  1. As you can imagine you need to put headings on the top line of different columns
  1. You need to make the first column Name of content
  2. Then name the next one Site written
  3. Then give each column names for book marking sites Page360, Snipsly, Xomba, Redgage and so on.
  4. Now as you write a bookmark go to your excel spreadsheet and either put an x in the column next to that content and under the site that you bookmarked your content.

Remember the more you bookmark your contents the more people will be able to see your wonderful contents and either learn something from or even buy something while clicking on the adverts on your content. So what are you waiting for start book marking your contents and keep records of each content?

Anyone can earn money writing contents on any topic on the internet. Write in the comfort of your own home or when you want while the children are at school.

I hope that has made it clearer and easier to understand for anyone wanting to learn how to keep accurate records of content writing bookmarks