With the approach of fall, and cooler temperatures, my 14 month old twins began waking up at night with cold feet and chilly fingers. Since it was still warm during the day, and I wasn ‚' ™t interested in using extra electricity, I was reluctant to turn the heat on in early September. I tried warmer pajamas with feet with only moderate success. I even tried to teach them to put on a blanket when they were cold, but this still didn ‚' ™t stop them from waking up at night. After a little research, I discovered that I could purchase sleep sacks similar to the ones they used when they were newborns; however, these were selling for $50-$100. So instead I decided to make my own. The materials were relatively inexpensive and the whole project took a little over an hour. Here are the steps I took, and pictures of the process I used to make my twins sleep sacks.

Things You Will Need

Fleece, flannel, or whatever material is appropriate for your climate. Plan on about 1 yard of material for each sleep sack - this varies based on the child ‚'s size. The sleep sack I made was for children wearing 24 month clothing.

Sewing machine: although you could sew this by hand if you chose



Zipper: “ I used a 12 inch zipper, but would have chosen a longer one if I were to do it again. If you child is learning to use a zipper, you can get a jacket zipper that zippers from the top down.

A pair of your child' ™s pajamas

Step 1


Lay your child ‚' ™s pajamas on the fleece and trace out the outline of the sleep sack (this will be the back section). Leave extra room on the bottom and the sides.

Step 2

cutting the sleep sack 2 I drew out and cut one side of the sleep sack and then folded it in half and cut the other side in order to make sure both sides were the same.

Step 3

sleeping sackCut the 2 front pieces. Fold the back piece in half lengthwise and lay it on the fabric. Using this as a model, cut one of the front pieces leaving an extra inch on the inside of the piece (along the fold where the zipper will go).

Step 4

pieces of sleep sackThis will give you 3 pieces.

Step 5

shoulder seamPut the shoulder pieces together with the good side together and sew across the shoulder.

Step 6

arm holeRoll the rough side in the arm hole into the inside and sew around.

Step 7

line up the zipperLay out the pieces and line up the zipper. Mark the bottom of the zipper with a pin.

Step 8

sewing the seamsPut the two front pieces good sides together. Starting from the pin, sew down the front seam. Attach the front pieces to the back by sewing along the edge keeping the good sides together.

Step 9

neck rollRoll the rough edge of the neck into the inside and sew along the roll to hide the rough edge.

Step 10

zipperPut on the zipper. Fold back the rough edge where the zipper will go. Lay the zipper along this edge and pin it in place while lining up the top of the zipper. Check that you can see the zipper teeth from the front - if you can't re-pin the zipper.

Step 11

sewing the zipperOpen the zipper and sew down the left side, across the bottom, and up the right side.

Step 12

finishedTurn the sleep sack inside out.

Step 13

image4564Enjoy your Sleep Sack

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