Most of us love watching birds live in a natural environment in and around our homes. Then again there are many of us that love to have a wonderful cat as a pet. We all know that it is a common fact that the two cannot live safely in the same environment, or should I say the bird would not be safe from any cat unless specific procedures are taken to keep the birds protected.

There is nothing worse to a bird lover to walk outside and see that our cat has caught and killed a beautiful harmless bird. No there is nothing we can do to save that bird although we can prevent it from happening again.

It is not just the wild birds that are at risk. Many bird breeders suffer from bird deaths in an aviary. A cat will climb up onto the bird mesh especially during the night. This causes the bird to panic and became disorientated and often flies into the sides of the aviary in the darkness.

Therefore we all need to learn how to keep birds safe from our cats, by changing the way we live. No it is not impossible if we really want to keep our beautiful birds safe.

This e-book will guide you through the steps of buying an aviary, setting it up and selecting your finches. It will also explain the plants to avoid if you choose to have plants in your aviary.

It covers illnesses, feeding and caring for them and also gives you suggestions for different types of finches you can breed in this lovely aviary.

How to keep our birds safe


Before you buy a cat

There are things you can do before buying any breed of cat.  First you need to think of different things you can do around your home to protect the birds before you get a cat. In most cases an inside cat will need to go outside to do his toilet business unless you have trained it to use a tray because you want to protect it while you are away at work.

Tips on how to protect birds from your own cat

Make your cat an exercise run

All cats need to go outside at sometime during the day so the best solution for both you and the cat is to build an outside exercise run. This can be done by making a steel frame and covering it with a chicken or similar wire mesh.  A wood frame would be suitable for an area under a patio, but not in an open outside area.

The shape of the run is not as important as the protection for the cat from the elements of the cold and hot weather.  One end needs to have room for the cat to do his business.  Another area could be for to rest and sleep in comfort.

Entrance to this can be gained through a cat door flap, from either a door or window depending on the design of your home.  

Tips on how to keep neighbors cats out

The best way to keep the neighbors cats out is to place a flimsy mesh along the top of all your fences.  That way their cats will not be able to climb over as the wire will bend under its weight. 

Cat repellant plants

There are many types of plants that will deter cats from coming into your yard. You could try planting the herb called Rue, this often works. Cats are known not to like citrus fruit smells either like citronella, so you could spray that about. 

Electronic Solar guard Protection

You can also instal solar powered night guard.  Because they are solar powered they charge up during sunlight and flash during the night to ward off prowling predators. 

If you check with your council and their bylaws say that cats have to be kept in a cat enclosure 24 hrs a day. Then you can apply to them for  cat traps to put around your aviary.  If you catch your neighbors cat you can tell your neighbor and give him the option of having it back. 

If this does not work as long as the neighbors know you are doing this the council can put the  offending cat to sleep.  We would hope that it does not come to this.  Talk to your neighbors about your problems first.


We can all do our little bit to keep cats and our birds apart and safer in our homes by following some of these ideas.

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