The celebration of the 4th of July is one that humans enjoy. Lots of bbq'ing, watching fireworks and even gathering families will enjoy this holiday. Yet we need to be worried about our pets. The fireworks can scare dog and cats pretty badly. Making sure they don't run away or even worse get hurt during our celebration is important. Here's how!

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Fourth of July

Step 1

Keep your pet inside during the celebration of the Fourth of July fireworks. You should be extremely concerned in the evening time, however you may want to keep an eye several nights prior as well as private individuals could blow off fireworks.

Step 2

Put the radio on so your pets don't get too nerved out about the loud booms. Pets are by unconfortable by the sudden loud noises and the radio will cover this at some levels. Classical music is the best choice as it has a variety of tempos.

Step 3

Close the window shades so the bright lights don't spook the pets. The sudden flashes could really make a dog or cat feel unconfortable and frightened. instead, close all the windows and leave the lights on to create a stable environment.

Step 4

Consider leaving the animals in the basement. If you have a multi-leveled house, put your animals in the basement to have the most protection. The more comfortable they are when you leave, the less stress they encounter. Fourth of July is fun for everyone. Celebrate with your animals by purchasing special 4th of July holiday dog biscuits.

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