When working outside or diving you might be faced with the difficult task to keep eyeglasses and goggles from fogging up. This can be a problem when going in and outdoors often because of the change in climate, when participating in activities and sports, and when there is moisture involved. There are a couple of different ways to safely, prevent this from happening. This article will discuss a cleaner made for this, a home remedy to keep eyeglasses and goggles from fogging up, and some warnings as well.


Using an Anit-Fogging Cleaner:

There is a special cleaner developed to use on the eyeglasses prior to use. These treatment will have an anti-fogging compound within the formula. You can buy this product at drugstores, online, optical stores or located within the optical section of value stores and supermarkets. This usually comes in a small spray bottle. Simply spray the lense with the cleaner as directed on the bottle. Then use a soft cloth to buff the lense. Avoid using a paper towel or course towel as these can scratch the lenses.

Using Home Remedies:

For a cheaper, less chemical approach, you can try this home remedy that works great for both eyeglasses and goggles. This has been used for years by glasses wears and divers to keep their glasses and diving goggles from fogging up. Take some regular formula, tear free baby shampoo and apply a coat over the lenses, on both sides. Set them aside for about an hour. Completely rinse the product of the lenses and buff with a soft cloth.

If neither of these products are available, use some regular soapy water to saturate the lenses. Lay them aside to dry. Once the soapy water has dried, use a soft cloth to buff the soap off the lenses.

Pros and Cons:

The anit-fogging cleaner works well, but is more expensive than the baby shampoo and contains chemicals. For people who have sensitive eyes, skin and to smells, this might be a problem, especially when sweating during sports or getting wet.

Warnings and Tips about preventing glasses and goggles from fogging up:

There are people who will suggest to use toothpaste to keep lenses from fogging up. This is not recommended at all and should be taken with a heap of warnings. Most toothpastes contain abrasives that will scratch and destroy eyeglasses and diving goggles.

For people who have a hard time with this problem or play extreme sports, it will be handy to keep a bottle of the anti-fogging optical cleaner on hand for to reapply if necessary, even if using the shampoo remedy to keep glasses from fogging up. Some conditions are more difficult to prevent this from happening and it might be necessary to treat the lenses again before the day is done.