Geraniums aren't only a beautiful colorful plant, they are very easy to maintain and grow. They can be brought inside year after year and continue to grow well with the proper care. We all know that for geraniums to bloom through out the summer we have to dead head, which means to remove all dead blooms. Keep them moist and they will thrive.

Geraniums in a Pot

A mistake to save your geraniums from the first frost is to dig them up, put in pots and bring into a heated house. In about 3 weeks you'll wonder why the geranium plants have lost most of their leaves.

To avoid this disappointment, take cuttings of the healthiest geraniums in your garden. This will guarantee thriving young plants through the winter.

To do this, begin by snapping off stems about 3 inches long; don't use a knife, it might spread disease from plant to plant. Then strip off all but 3 or 4 of the top leaves. Leave the stems exposed to the air for a day to dry, this will keep them from rotting.

When the stems are cured, moisten each end slightly with water and dip into rooting powder. The stems will most probably root without rooting powder, but it's good to take the precaution anyway.

Geranium Root Cutting

Then set the stems into a pot of coarse builders sand. Sprinkle with water once every 2 or 3 days.
In about 3 weeks the roots should be about 1/2 inch long, then repot into regular potting soil. Always try to transplant rooted cuttings when the roots are no longer than an inch long, if longer than that they are too easily damaged when transplanting.

Keep your new plants moist, and in a sunny window. Then come spring, you will have an abundance of geraniums to plant in your garden.
Don't over water. Keep away from drafts.