Did you know that dry ice attracts mosquitoes, so if you place dry ice by a mosquito trap, away from your barbecue or any outdoor activity, the mosquitoes will leave you alone, and go toward the dry ice instead? Dry ice gives of carbon dioxide, which is what we humans breathe out, and that is what attracts the mosquitoes. So, by putting a big source of carbon dioxide away from the area you are hanging out, you can keep the mosquitoes away. Who knew?

Things You'll Need:

Dry Ice

*Dry ice

*A lighted mosquito trap

*Gloves for dealing with dry ice

What you will need to do:

Step 1

Buy some dry ice. You can usually buy it at your local grocery stores. I have seen at King Soopers, Safeway, or Wal-mart. They usually carry the Penguin brand. It is in a cooler near the entrance or exit of the store.

Step 2

If you live in a mosquito infested area like me, you probably already have a trap with an ultraviolet light, but if not, purchase one. It doesn't have to be big or extravagant. The dry ice really increases the attracting power, so you really just need a simple trap to collect the mosquitoes after they have been attracted by the dry ice.

Step 3

Hang the trap away from where you are having your outdoor activity, so the mosquitoes will not even venture in your direction. Then place a few chunks of the dry ice around the trap. Make sure no children go to that area, because dry ice is extremely cold and will burn skin if touched. You can put it in fabric bags and hang by the trap as well, to keep it out of reach. When the dry ice runs out, just add a few more chunks.

Tips & Warnings

Add more dry ice to the bags when it evaporates.

Make sure you use dry ice in a well ventilated area

Keep children and pets out of reach. Dry ice can burn skin!