Facebook, Twitter, Myspace. We have all heard of them. Social networking websites can be a great way to connect with friends and have fun, but can also be very dangerous. Predators and hackers are always sealing passwords and information, and it is hard to keep your privacy safe on the internet. You need to be very careful with who you trust with your information, there are many posers on the web. Here are some safety tips to keep you and your family safe.

Change Your Password - Not only should you keep your password a secret, but change it often. Maybe as often as once a month, so that even if an intruder steals your password they may not be able to get to your information buy the time they try accessing your page or selling it to other creeps. Try to change it up drastically each month, so it is unpredictable.

Friend Requests Are For Friends - Not celebrities or businesses. There are many fake celebrity pages on Facebook, keep away from any accounts that are not verified from an external source other than their page. Once you are their friend, they can access all of your info that friends can. This can include your house address, email, and who you are. All useful information for the online stalker.

Get Protected - Purchase some internet protection such as Norton or AVG. This will protect your computer from viruses and malware that may be unknowingly downloaded on to your computer from untrustworthy websites. Keep it on at all times and run a scan as often as you can to keep your information safe.

Read the Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy - ALWAYS read the TOS and PP of allow websites you sign up for. Included in them may be deals that they are allowed to give out your email and phone number to spammers and telemarketers (aka 'third-party programs'). Or maybe you will become subject to a hidden payment you may not have known about.

Use Your Noggin! - If a company or person sounds sketchy, it is probably because they are! Use common sense to find if a website is trustworthy or not. If you wouldn't trust a stranger with your information, don't trust a random stranger miles away from you with your information!

Remember to keep your password safe, keep your friends friends, get some safety software, and read the TOS. Stay safe on the internet, and have fun!