Water can be fun for small children as long as safety measures are taken. Only a very small amount of water is needed for drowning to happen. Water safety is very important. Read this article to help keep your child safe around water.

Things You Will Need

Toilet seat locks,
Childproof gates.

Step 1

Toddlers in a swimming poolInstall toilet seat locks to baby proof the toilet. Small children can easily fall head first inside a toilet to play with the water, but they will not be able to easily get out on their own. Prevent water accidents by covering up the toilet seat.

Step 2

Remove any water around the home. Remember that a child can drown in a tiny amount of water so remove any water such as buckets from washing a car. Get rid of water that collects from rain to keep your child safe from water.

Step 3

If there's some water around your home you cannot get rid of such as a pool or ponds, then put appropriate fences to prevent the small child from entering

Step 4

Around public water like the beach or the pool, keep your small child within arm's length. Only have a trustworthy adult to supervise the child around water. Array

Tips & Warnings

Learn CPR because it's better to be safe than sorry.
Teach your child about water safety.
Do not use water toys and safety devices to replace a supervising adult.