Smooth Skin

Summertime can bring up issues for people with skin conditions. Many people get sunburned and increase their risk of skin cancer. If you want to keep smooth skin during the summer then you can follow these fairly simple directions.

Steps to Smooth Skin During Summer

  • Eat right. The bodies skin is the largest organ. Many people do not think of the skin as an organ, but it is, and one we often forget about. Eating the right foods will show on your skin. Some skin healthy foods are Omega 3 fats and Oysters. If you can't down the Oyster then eat or supplement with Omega 3's and flax seed. Avoid or reduce your sugar intake.
  • Buy a shower filter. Most people forget about the shower and all the chlorine that comes out of it, but the shower water can be awful for the skin and dry it out. To keep smooth skin during the summer try using the Culligan brand shower filter. It is inexpensive and the difference it makes in your skin is immediately noticeable. Regular shower water dried your skin out, but this will leave you with smooth skin.
  • Take a bath. You do not have to bathe all the time, but once a week or so try taking a bath. When you do take a bath run the water then add about a 1/2 cup of olive oil in there to soak in. The olive oil will penetrate your skin attacking the drynessStop Dry Summer Skin and working on making it smooth throughout the year, summer included. You can rub especially dry areas like your elbows or knees. Some people with oily skin may think that this is bad for them because you are "adding oil" but the skin will be okay. If you are worried then do not use it on your face.
  • Use an exfoliating washcloth or gloves or the circle ones that are pretty inexpensive and hang on your shower or knobs in the shower. Add moisturizing body wash. It is really important that you use moisturizing wash because your skin needs it to maintain its smoothness. Scrub to get the first dry layer of dead skin cells off, but do not scrub your skin too hard. This will do more damage than good. To maintain soft, smooth skin all summer a gentle scrub is all you need.
  • Apply lotion. Again, as with the moisturizing body wash, use something that will add to your skin rather than takeaway. Putting on lotion that is full of chemicals and fragrances or perfumed lotions is not the best idea. Using a natural lotion that will help firm up the skin instead of pollute it with chemicals will be the best for getting smooth, soft summer skin. One of the best skin care products is tea tree oil creme. It works as an astringent and antibacterial, so it will help moisturize and clean your skin.
  • Use caution with tanning lotion. There are different types of tanning lotions for different stages of getting a tan. Be sure to wear tanning lotion for your skin tone.
  • Always wear sunscreen and see your doctor if you have any strange spots on your skin. While sun tanning is tempting, it also wrinkles the skin.

Smooth Skin Tips/Warnings:

Make sure to put the right amount of sunscreen on any time you will be outside. Also, do not forget to apply sunscreen to the tops of your ears. The ears are one of the most forgotten about place for sunscreen and therefore they produce a high amount of skin cancer. No one wants ear skin cancer.

It is also important to use good foot care products to take care of your feet. Often, there are different types of shoes worn during the summer, like flip flops, which can dry your feet out.

Pay attention to all of your prescription medication and those of your loved ones. There are a lot of medications that increase peoples sensitivity to the sun. Double check with your pharmacy to make sure to avoid prescription medication problems. Some of these will make you burn easier and others might make you get sun stroke faster, so reading the labels and being aware of what is in your body will help you get the best skin and health.

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