Brain Exercise

It is inevitable, we are going to grow old, and how gracefully we do it is all up to us.  In the last few decades we have learned how to eat better and learned the importance of keeping physically fit.  Improvements in health care have helped contribute to increase our average lifespan close to 80!  Along with physical health, it is important to keep mentally fit to stave off conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer's Disease.  The more we can do to incorporate brain activities and exercises, the better off we will be.

 Play games

Board games and card games can exercise the brain by demanding focus and concentration, as well as thinking strategically and performing math calculations.  The interaction and communication with fellow gamers help the brain to stay agile and stimulate many regions.  If board games are not to your liking, incorporating a video game such as Brain Age  into your brain exercise regimen can be just as beneficial.

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Exercise your brain by doing a jigsaw puzzle, Sudoku, word search, or crossword puzzle.  Any of these will require all regions of the brain to engage in activity which will increase efficiency and capacity.  People who regularly do puzzles lessen their chances of suffering from Alzheimer's disease or dementia.

Learn a new language

A new language will take a long time, will require dedication and practice which are all great to exercise the brain.  You can enroll in a class, listen to language podcasts, buy a course such as the Rosetta Stone series or immerse yourself by living in a foreign land.  Take the time to learn a language that you will use for travel such as Spanish if you travel to the Caribbean or perhaps French and visit Quebec.

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Learn to Play an Instrument

Studies show that children who learn piano score better in math.  Learning to play an instrument later in life will also help to stimulate and exercise the brain.  The practice and repetition can have soothing meditative benefits as well.  

 As we age, it is important to try new things, learn new skills and continue to challenge our mental faculties in order to reduce the likelihood of diminished mental capacity such as dementia or Alzheimer's Disease.  Exercise your brain by playing games, doing puzzles, learning a new language or instrument.  Turn off your TV every now and then, stretch your limits, multitask and continue to grow for your personal benefit.