The Advantages of the Winplus Sun Shade

I want you to do something uncomfortable for a moment.  I want you to imagine it's August.  I then want you to imagine parking your car at the mall in an open parking lot, going inside to shop and eat, and returning to your car several hours later with your hands filled with shopping bags.  As you sweat your way to your car, maybe with kids in tow, you realize that as hot as it is outside, it is going to be even hotter inside of that car.  And everyone will be cranky. 

Okay.  Wake up now.  Sorry to do that to you.  I suspect that it was not too difficult to imagine that scenario because we have all been through this scenario.  There are ways to combat the heat that builds inside a parked car, whether it is parking in the shade or leaving the windows cracked.  Some people prefer to use windshield sun shades.  One of the more popular brands of these sun shades is Winplus.

Winplus Sun Shade

How to Keep Your Car Cool Using the Winplus Sun Shade During the Hot Summer MonthsThe Winplus sun shade comes in both a standard and jumbo size.  The standard size is 57" x 25.5" and the jumbo size is 63" x 29.5" so you need to know the measurements of your windshield before ordering to make sure you purchase the correct sized sun shade.  A good rule of thumb is that if your windshield is 32 inches or less in the middle, the standard size is what you need. 

Winplus Sun Shade Features

The Winplus sun shade protects your vehicle from UV rays and reduces the heat from the inside of your vehicle.  Your car will not be nice and cool, but it will be much more tolerable than not having a sun shade at all.

The Winplus also makes for easy storage.  This sun shade utilizes the twist close, which can be tricky to master, but when closed successfully the shade can easily be stored in the backseat, under the seat, or anywhere else out of the way.  This is a great advantage over the accordion-style sun shade which are bulky and take up a lot of space.

In addition, when you purchase this sun shade you receive 2 bonus side shades.  Reviews are mixed on the sun shades with some people saying they are too small.  However, some people really like them.  At the very least they can help reduce the heat in the car.  If you place them on the back windows they can help keep child seats cooler.

Where to Buy the Winplus Sun Shade

This sun shade can be purchased through several outlets online such as Advance Auto Parts and Amazon

Other Winplus Sun Shades

Winplus also offers an accordion-style sun shade, but its reviews are not positive.  I have not used this sun shade so I do not have any actual knowledge of the quality and effectiveness of this product. 

But the Winplus twist-close sun shade does get good reviews and can be a great way to help reduce the heat in your car during those terribly hot summer days.

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