Like most kids, when I was in school I used to love when it snowed. Enough snow meant a day off of school. That's about as exciting as you can get to a grade school kid. We waited for those snow days all year. Well, then i grew up and suddenly getting a snow day off was not so exciting anymore as it meant a day of being stuck inside and not getting paid or getting to do anything fun. For an adult a snow day can mean a lot of sitting around at home thinking about all the things you could be accomplishing and racking your brains for a way to keep your kids busy. But even for an adult there are plenty of things to do to enjoy a snow day with your kids.

1. Hot chocolate. That's pretty much a must on a snowy day. It warm and has all those warm and fuzzy associations. Its perfect. There are all these great recipes online that you can try. You can also add some cinnamon sticks to make it more exciting- have your kids try using them as a straw to drink their chocolate. It's nice and spicy and adds a great scent too.

2. Make believe you're a kid again. Bundle up and go play in the snow. You might want to do this before your hot chocolate actually because its kind of a cold thing to do. You can use your kids as a great excuse. Join their snowball fights, build igloos and forts, make snow angels. Just have fun. They'll love it and you will look like a great parent too. If your kids are too busy to play with you, you might have to pretend to be shoveling the sidewalk. But that's fun to. 

3. Hot baths. This is most fun with lots of bubbles. Just put the kids in, sit back, relax, and enjoy. It's great for all those sore muscles everybody has from all that shoveling.

4. Bake something. You can bake anything really, but cookies are the most fun, especially if you have some cool cookie cutters or, even better, a cookie gun. You just put together the dough recipe and have a great time letting your kids shoot out cookies in all kinds of different shapes. They even taste good too, once they're baked.

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5. Play a board game. You probably have one somewhere around the house. You would be surprised how much fun it can be to sit around inside your nice, warm house & play a game while the snow falls outside. 

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5. Sleep. You are going to have a lot to catch up on tomorrow after your day off so you might as well stockpile some sleep first. Yes, you'll probably still be tired afterwards but at least it won't be your fault. So, convince your kids that naptime is fun and enjoy the peace and quiet.
And remember, whatever you do just enjoy it!