Capri 3 and 2 Seater Black Leather Sofas



Caring for your leather sofas is essential to keep your furniture looking new, and feeling comfortable for years to come. Here are several practical points on how to maintain a leather sofa.

In selecting your room layout, utilize clear walls, when space is a problem and you have to place your furniture in front of a heating source. Like for example if a radiator is on the wall there should be a minimum of 30 cm between your sofa and the heated area. Direct exposure to heat will cause the leather to dry up, and at some point crack or become hard. Furthermore keep the sofas away from direct sunlight, specifically aniline leather because the sun could make the colour fade away. That's why you should never place leather in bay windows or under skylights.

When cleaning leather settees, first thing you have to do is dust and hoover to take off all the loose dust and dirt. And then use a suggested cleaning products with low ph level. Try not to use dish washing liquid because there are some leather that reacts to oil based chemical and the very last thing you want is to cause damages on your sofa. You must never use a stiff brush when cleaning, since this can damage the pigment, after cleaning let the leather to dry fully before reuse. Apply protection cream after you clean the furniture. This will create a breathable barrier between you and the couch as it help maintain the leathers soft feel.

Leather couches are a lot easier to keep clean because its waterproof and really long lasting. Stains won't get absorbed easily and could be treated without difficulty. Even if it get stained, the best upholsterer can usually restore the damaged or marked area. In case you do spill something on your sofa, act fast, the quicker you handle a stain the better. Take away bulk of the liquid by gently soaking as much as possible, you should not rub, or scrub. As soon as the majority of the substance has been extracted use a cleaning agent for the substance accordingly. Follow the instructions or guidelines advised by the cleaning agent.

Cushions sagging is one of the most general issues incurred by those with leather settees. It is advisable to massage the cushions on the regular basis to puff up the affected spots by slowly massaging it from the corners of the cushion into the centre to distribute the fillings evenly.

Last but not least, if you have pets in the house, though leather furniture is a lot more suitable when compared with any other sofa because its water-resistant, its still advisable to try to keep your dogs, cats etc off the furniture as their claws will scrape the leather. Aside from that saliva, and body fluids are also harmful to leather, and your warranty will likely be void from any manufacturer if a pet has damaged your furniture.