Delicate lips with a nice rim really adorn the face. But often the lips, as well as the facial skin may reflect the general health problems. For example, in case of cardio - vascular disease, or lung conditions the lips may develop a bluish tint. In diseases associated with metabolic disorders, vitamin deficiency, lips appear dry and cracked (the sign of vitamin B2 and B1 deficiency). Dry and peeling lips may designate many conditions including skin problems. When people (especially women) face such or similar problems, they start to realize that the lips are beautiful, if they are healthy and young; if you don't like the shape of your lips, it can be corrected with the help of cosmetics.

How To Maintain Your Lips Beautiful Till The Old Age?

The first thing, of course is the proper care. Get rid of the bad habit of licking or biting your lips - this ruins the lips rim, contributes to lip's dryness, and the remnants of saliva become a breeding ground for germs. You should do other things instead: use hygienic lipstick or balm (better start doing it since childhood), or even a fat cream - this is sometimes a solution for men if they don't like the idea of using a lipstick.

Our lips are continually exposed to unfavorable environmental factors of sun, wind, heat and cold, so they are in a constant need of care and maintenance. But such care is very simple and easy to perform: each time after washing your face (in the morning and evening) apply a soothing lip balm on your lips or a hygienic lipstick.

Lip Care Products Can Help

There are many products for lip care, but you should better look for those that contain vitamins and natural ingredients such as herbal extracts, cocoa butter and beeswax. Alternatively you can even use a vegetable oil. A lip peeling can be done with the help of a toothbrush - just carefully massage your lips with it, and rinse with water, soak with a towel and apply a soothing balm. Such massage will improve blood circulation in the lips and will make them naturally brighter.

Tips to Improve the Facial Skin Tone

1. Eating healthy foods will affect the tone of your skin in a very positive way.
2. Detox your body and you will be amazed how better your skin looks after cleansing.
3. Regular physical exercises and deep breathing will significantly improve the look of your face and lips but stimulating the blood circulation.
4. Less stress will make you look much better.
5. Smile more - this has a double effect: your facial muscles work and you get the positive emotions, which in turn improves the external appearance of your face and lips!