I think we all know how hard it is to keep up on going through the stacks, and stacks of mail that seems to pile up all of the time. You can't avoid it. You have to go through it at some point and sift out the bills from the junk. You may even get lucky and receive a birthday card from your grandma with a check inside. You wouldn't want to miss that. Here are a few tips to stay on top of the clutter and keep your mail organized.Pretty Storage Boxes

What You Will Need:

* A couple minutes each day

* Stylish boxes or baskets to sort and store

* A BIG trash can for junk mail

What to do:

1. Check your mail often. If you let it pile up inside the mailbox, you will be overwhelmed and less likely to sort it as soon as you get it inside your house.

2. Mail clutter is really unsightly and can easily be stashed away to make your home look so much nicer. So, invest in a few nice baskets or storage boxes to hide mail you need to open. Label one for bills, offers and junk you want to open, magazines and coupons, or whatever else you tend to get a lot of. Also use a bigger one to throw mail into that you have not sorted. You really want to sort every time you bring mail in but it may be unrealistic, so just to keep things looking nice, use this as your backup plan.

3. Place these boxes or baskets in a place near your door or where your mail usually gets piled up. Set them up nicely in a row on a table by your door or on a shelf that you can easily reach. Make it easy on yourself and your are more likely to use them.

4. Every time you bring mail into your house, take a couple quick minutes to sort it out into it's respective box. Anything you know is junk you don't need to open, take it to the trash immediately.

5. Now, you have eliminated clutter and you can go through each box when you have time. It will look a lot better and going through your mail later will not seem like such a daunting chore.


* You may want to keep a shredder in close reach if you need to shred up credit card offers and personal information before throwing them away. You could even create a box for that type of mail as well, and shred it later when you get the time.