How to Keep Your Man Attracted to YouCredit:

Attracting the right man is hard, but keeping him attracted to you no matter the circumstances is even harder. Most women assume that once they have the man of their dreams by their side, everything else works out automatically. There is one secret when it comes to keeping a man wanting you. Men just like women find novelty irresistible. They always want to be around a woman who is the envy of other women and the desire of other men. To help you stay on top of things in your relationship, here’s how to keep your man attracted to you:

Be Impulsive…Throw in some creativity and avoid being predictable. Generally men love women who are spontaneous. Pull a surprise when he least expects it. For instance you can make plans for a whole evening or make for a surprise dinner where everything is pre-arranged. In the long run, men find women who are predictable boring. Let your man keep guessing about your next move and he will always stay attracted to you.

Participate in His Interests…There is no better way to keep your man attracted to you than taking part in his interests and hobbies. If your man loves football, attend matches with him. Buy tickets once in a while just to show him that you are interested. Accompany him to watch his favorite band play. You can also buy a cheque in his name for a charitable organization he supports or make a years’ subscription to his favorite magazine. 

Be Seductive…If the art of seduction if done right you will certainly keep your man attracted to you. You have to learn how to seduce him. Stare at your Guy with a sexy look while laying emphasis on the eye contact. Don’t overdo it, with time he’ll get more curious about you. 

Read Him some cute love quotes when lying by his side. Look for some sweet texts to send to your boyfriend over the internet and love magazines. Try and make the quotes and texts as seductive as you can. Seduce him very often because that’s how to keep your Guy wanting to spend time with you. 

Avoid Drama…Men are not attracted to drama queens. No Guy will stick around a woman who yells and fights him all the time. As a matter of fact on the signs he wants to propose but is sacred to could be attributed to your endless fights and quarrels. If you want to keep your man wanting you, keep drama at its minimum.

While it’s allowed to get fussy, exaggerating it makes your Guy disrespect you. Now, you certainly don’t want to happen to your relationship. Be calm no matter how offended you may are, don’t blow situations out of proportion because that’s what makes a man fall in love and commit. 

Be Humorous…The ability to make your man laugh is very essential in keeping him wanting to be with you. Making your guy laugh creates a strong bond between the two of you. Deliver you jokes in clever, playful sarcasm so that your guy can have fun around you. Men love women who can make them laugh, even when times are hard. Share jokes with your Boyfriend, if he laughs his heart out, then he is really into you, and that’s one of the ways on how to find out if he’s ever going to marry you.

Be Compassionate…How do you tell if he tell whether he’s looking for a marriage or just a fling? Well, while men have their own yardsticks to measure whether a woman is wife material or not, you have a huge role to play in making it happen. Be compassionate and supportive to your man and not only will you keep him attracted to you but you will also show him that you are not in the relationship for material gain. 

Any relationship needs some pick-ups to make it long lasting. You have to find ways that will help Him stay interested in you when the bliss that comes with initial attraction is gone. You want your man around for the longest possible time. Keep learning on how to keep your guy interested in you and throw it some ingenuity. After all men want to be in a happy relationship and it’s not that hard to keep your man interested in you.