Keeping your most important personal items safe should be one of your top priorities

When you travel, some of your personal belongings are more important than others. Shirts and pants can be replaced if your luggage is lost. Losing a book or a souvenir is unfortunate, but it's not the end of the world. If you lose your passport, cash, or credit cards, however, you could be in for a major headache, not to mention a significant financial loss. Here are some tips for keeping these items safe when you're traveling. 

Always keep your most important personal items on your person

Do not put your passport in your checked bag and if you are walking around town, do not put your money or credit cards in your backpack. These items should always be on your person in a place that allows you to easily monitor them. 

Wear a money belt or use a secret pocket

Many people travel with a wallet in their back pocket. This is what we get used to doing at home and it seems like no big deal to continue the habit when we are on the road. Keep in mind, however, that pickpockets are highly skilled and your back pocket will be one of the first places they look. 

Instead, wear a concealed money belt or use a secret pocket (either one that you have sewn in or purchase clothing that has a secret pocket as a feature). 

Access your personal items in a safe setting 

Do not openly pull out your money belt and begin searching for a credit card while you are in a crowded area. Instead, duck inside of a restaurant or shop and do it there. If you are accessing these items out in the open you may be a prime target for a pick pocket. 

Use a decoy wallet 

This is a great idea to use in order to throw off pick pockets and anyone else engaged in petty theft. Buy a cheap wallet and fill it with a small amount of cash, and a few different cards. Expired credit cards, an old library card, a coupon card - anything that will make it seem like the wallet's contents are normal. If you are robbed, you will lose the cash, but you will still have your most important personal items. The thief will not hassle you further as they are under the impression they just got a hold of your valuables. 

Don't wear flashy jewelry or accessories 

If you wear expensive jewelry or carry around a fancy phone out in the open, you will become a target for petty theft. Even if you are using a decoy wallet, and a money belt, you still don't want to cause additional attention to yourself. 

I hope the tips above will help you ensure that your trip is a safe one. The most important piece of advice I can offer, however, is to you use your common sense and your best judgment in every situation. Safe travels!