The growing number of netbook computer users has risen compared a few years ago. Since they are small and light, you need to be cautious whenever you are using these computer devices in public places. Netbook or mini notebook computers are in-demand because of their affordability, convenience and mobility. If you have one, it will easily enable you to work from home, a restaurant or anywhere you may go as long as the place has an internet connection. 

These netbooks or mini notebook computers have been optimized by their manufacturers to have its light weight feature that many consumers found to be so handy. They are usually less expensive than bigger laptops and some of these netbook or notebook computers had been offered to consumers with a lesser or free of charge when they sign an agreement to an internet connection company or have an extended service contract purchase.

Moderately Challenging


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      Use an encryption for your netbook so that it can provide an added protection if someone could steal it and gain access to your important files. Choose a good encryption for your files and folders so that even if somebody will gain access to any of your important files, he or she can't decrypt it and see your sensitive and valuable information.

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      Register your netbook with the manufacturer. If ever your netbook computer gets stolen and it was registered, there is a big possibility that you could get it back in case the person who took your netbook tries to repair or upgrade it. Take note of your netbook's serial number and keep it in a safe place because this will show as an evidence that you are the rightful owner.

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      Use a netbook or notebook key lock that is a durable locking device with a steel cable, so that it will be hard to remove it. If a thief will try to detach it from the notebook or netbook then he or she could also damage the computer device. Thieves will usually be discouraged to steal anything that would bring an obvious damage or deep scratch since it will prevent resale. 

      There are also other netbook security systems and stainless-steel cables with combination locks with motion sensors. Some of these security systems could be expensive but could be worth your investment especially if the alarm attached to each of them will activate well if the steel cable is cut apart or disconnected.

      Some netbook users also use motion sensor alarms that include docking stations, which will allow them to attach these alarms directly to their mini notebook computers without having to use the steel cable as a tether. This will enable any netbook user to hide the alarm under a table, chair or desk for stealth security which comes with a resettable combination of lock mechanism. 

      The powerful alarm discourages would-be thieves with it's loud surround sound. Some alarms may even have multi-colored flashing bright lights that could make any thief run away from your netbook.

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      Do not leave the list of username and passwords inside your netbook or mini notebook case when you're in a public area. This will entice a person to steal your netbook since he or she knows where you placed those important information to access some of your accounts. 

      It will be more difficult for any thief to access your personal and valuable information if you are careful with your usernames and passwords. You should also use strong passwords or access numbers that would be difficult to guess in case if your netbook gets stolen. You could add different numbers or capital letters so that it will help to strengthen your passwords including your user names.

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      Engrave your netbook by carving or marking letters or designs into it. By doing this, you'll reduce the temptation of those lurking thieves who want to steal your mini notebook computer. When thieves see your netbook in this kind of fashion, they will have a hard time re-selling it.

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      Always keep a watchful eye on your mini notebook computer like you would with your other important electronic gadgets especially when you bring and use it in public places. Avoid leaving it on the table if you want to get something like ketchup or pepper when you're inside a restaurant. 

      If you really need to leave your netbook computer for a very short while on a table or in a room full of people, then use a good notebook security system. But as much as possible, avoid leaving your netbook anywhere so that you could not tempt or entice a thief to steal it.

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      Place your netbook in your backpack or bag. You can still use the nice and colorful case of your netbook but if you'll travel, it would be more safer and secure if you can place it in backpack or bag with a sturdy zipper and a small lock attached to the zipper.

Tips & Warnings

  • Continue to secure the data on your netbook or mini notebook computer by updating your anti virus software, installing a firewall and using a strong password. Be cautious for those emails that ask for your personal information. A lot of netbooks could allow you to go wireless, which is the basic WF-ii standard connection when you bring it and use in public places and also at home. 

    Netbooks or mini notebook computers are found to be reliable on rough trips and some could be sturdy enough even if it falls on the floor. They're also practical and affordable for teenagers and young people who just want to simply use the web by checking their emails and do simple computing tasks.

  • If your netbook or mini notebook computer is lost or stolen, your personal identity information could be jeopardized so immediately change your network password to help secure access to your financial servers. 

    You can report it to the local authorities as soon as possible. If it was the same netbook that you also use at your workplace, notify your employer immediately. You may also read about the consumer information and protection section of the FTC website, just check one of the resources below. This website can provide you with important information about infringement of data, fraud and also identity theft.

  • Since they are small, they also get easily stolen. Even if they are inexpensive compared to other computer devices, you still need to protect it especially if you had placed some important data into your netbook or mini notebook computer. 

    If you may lose it and your data protection is not very effective then you're sensitive and personal information could be in danger, one example is identity thief.